Is PMS ruining your life & your RELATIONSHIPS?

Believe it or not, that , super sensitive time of the month, known as PMS is actually one of the most POWERFUL times of the month for women. 

For most of you, its a pretty damn uncomfortable time, feeling completely out of control of our thoughts, feelings and what comes out our mouth. This roller coaster phase during the PMS window of the luteal phase of your cycle is actually a highly informative time to get a deep understanding of what is really going on for you underneath the surface.

Flying off the handle at your partner and kids, crying at TV commercials, literally everything around you,  grinding your gears…..

The shear frustration of feeling so out of control of your outbursts, followed by waves of shame and guilt, after the way you’ve been treating everyone around you…it’s not easy, I know.

Sure, you can try the age old remedies to try ease the tension:

Magnesium, Chaste Tree, Vitamin B6, Cramp Bark and Evening Primrose oil, but most of you will have already tried this and maybe for some minor PMS it worked, but for those of you struggling with more severe Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder I’m sure it barely touched the sides and the reason being, PMS is so much more than a ‘physical’ hormone imbalance!!!!

Our hormones, give rise to emotions and actually through their ‘imbalance’ are highlighting our unmet emotional needs. That is, all the things you denied yourself throughout the month…. Every time you didn’t honour your needs, personal space, time and desires and instead put yourself to the back of the line.  All the things you said yes to when you really wanted to say no, every time you just smiled nicely and nodded yes without really speaking your mind and standing up for yourself.

When we are not living ‘in alignment’ with our soul’s truth, our highest values or following our passions and living out our purpose, our ‘higher self’, or ‘consciousness’ becomes depleted and we essentially disconnect from our body.

This sort of scenario leads to emotional distress whether it be anxiety or depression and the only way our body is able to ‘call us back’ to our truth and our needs is by feeling things deeply. And so, our overly ‘sensitive’ and highly connected emotional state in the PMS window actually presents us with an opportunity to identify where we are living out of alignment based on our triggers and the emotional responses we are experiencing in response to the events that are playing out in our day-to-day life.

If you have spent the entire month, neglecting yourself, giving all your energy and power away to events that simply do not light you up, that is the fastest way to drown your soul and make you miserable. But our ‘positive’, ‘good girl’ conditioning we’ve put on our self, influenced by societal pressures and comparing ourselves to all the other hard-working women and great mums, means that for most of the month we just ‘get on with it’ and do what needs to be done. And so all those suppressed ‘needs’ and emotion that we never allowed our self to express; the disappointment, sadness, anger, guilt or anything else…. comes flying to the fore front during our PMS window and we have absolutely ZERO filter or ability to stuff it back down.

This is another reason why PMS is a great thing, because if we keep suppressing emotion like that, it becomes trapped in our tissues and leads to disease and disharmony and is probably why you also experience painful periods, digestive upset and other hormonal symptoms.  

So, what to do you do about it?

The only true way to ‘heal’ your PMS is to explore and identify what are the needs that you are denying yourself and connect in with your body in order to start deciphering the subtle messages your higher self and your body are giving you through feelings and body sensations aka symptoms. From this level of deep understanding, you are able to put together a self-care regime that you LOVE, that doesn’t feel like a chore or hard work, it feels light and inspiriting and you look forward to flooding your day with self-care activities that are not only nourishing for the body, nurturing for the soul and genuinely light you up and have you feeling in love and In touch with your body again.

In order to identify our emotional needs, the limiting beliefs, the ego stories and the ways we are suppressing ourselves, I developed a process call the ‘Emotional Evolution’ technique, which teaches women how to tune into their feelings and identify the messages your PMS is trying to give you. Your triggers shine a light on limiting beliefs you are carrying around, causing you to live ‘out of alignment’ with your heart’s desires, hopes and dreams, usually purely because you don’t believe it’s possible or you are worthy of having everything you desire.  In the 7 Step Hormone Healing System online course, through the 7 modules you will learn the tools to going within and really understanding the secret language of your hormones by teaching us it’s safe to feel and how to sit with your emotions, to really feel them and understand what they are trying to tell us. When we are willing to do the inner work, we gather so much information about what it is that makes us happy, what fulfils us and what we truly desire, so you can then start to create a life by design, not just at the mercy of your crazy hormones and the shit that happens in life.

Click here to find out more about the 7 Step Hormone Healing System and the Emotional Evolution process which can transform your connection with your body and heal your imbalanced hormones once and for all.

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Lacking's how to call that Mojo back in!

Imbalanced hormones, like low oestrogen, low testosterone & DHEA are just the tip of the iceberg in regards to LOW LIBIDO, there is so much more going on than hormone issues!

It’s becomes even more frustrating when you’re in a happy, safe relationship,  but you’re still not feeling it, this is when you NEED to look deeper!

Here’s the issue…It’s about the fact that your cup is so damn depleted, you literally don’t have anything left to give to anyone else, let alone ‘put out’ to your horny partner. 

A lack of libido is a depletion of our 3 bottom chakras, the Root charka, Sacral charka and solar plexus.

These three energy systems are essential for sexual energy and if you’re out of balance here, it’s genuinely because you’ve been giving all your time and energy to chores and  activities that don’t excite you and NOT BALANCING this with things that refill your cup with thing that you love.

Of course you’re going to be ’empty’ of sexual energy, which requires passion, excitement, love and all the feel good endorphin hits we get from giving our energy and attention to things that light us up!

This is EXACTLY why your self-care routine must be filled with things that honour you and represent putting YOU first…. things you enjoy, things that give back to you and most importantly putting your desires first above the things you feel ‘obliged’ to do.

When you are living your life for everyone else and never putting your own needs, desires and guilty pleasures in front of others, that’s a whole lot of suppressed resentment and frustration blocking your sexual energy and robbing you of any form of desire for intimacy and love making with that someone special.

The way forward is to find YOU again, who were you before you became a mother, who were you before you got in that relationship, or before you got that qualification? Who are you and what are your passions when we strip back all the labels?

In the 7 Step Hormone Healing System online program we teach you how to reconnect with your hearts desires, we break through the limiting beliefs that have taught us to feel guilty for putting ourselves first and we help you take back your power by finding your hobbies again and reconnecting you with your passions, which makes your energy irresistible, powerful and completely balances your hormones.  

7 Steps to BALANCED hormones...the journey starts here!

Why Weight loss doesn't happen when your hormones are imbalanced...and what you can do about it...

When your body won’t respond to the usual diet and exercise weight loss tactics, its time to dig a little deeper and tackle the underlying ‘hormonal’ reason why your body is simply not ‘giving it up’

Adrenal Dysfunction

If your body is stuck in a constant ‘stress response’ your adrenal glands will end up fatigued which will affect the balance of your typical adrenal hormones. Stress happens right?  So much of it is out of our control, the only thing we can manipulate is how our body responds to stress and hence how ‘quickly our body recovers from the very normal physiological response to stress, that is the release of adrenaline and cortisol in order to help our body adapt to the changing situation.

‘Stress isn’t a bad thing, it’s how your body recovers from stressful events that matters…

When your body responds to a stressful event, various hormones and neurotransmitters are produced in order to keep your body healthy and safe, aka the ‘fight or flight’ response. Once those chemical messengers have triggered the desired physiological response, these hormones now need to be metabolised by the liver and filtered out of our blood by the elimination organs. The problem starts to arise when your liver is congested and not functioning optimally that these ‘stress chemicals’ start to build up in your system and cause signs of adrenal activation; anxiety, insomnia, irritability, nervousness, inflammation, fluid retention, nausea and so on.

Unexpressed emotions over sensitize the neural stress pathways leading to a ‘trigger happy’ stress response,  placing a huge burden on the organs and glands required to initiate our stress response resulting in ‘burnt out’ which is worsened if you are nutritionally depleted and deficient in major nutrients. This leads to adrenal insufficiency resulting in symptoms such as Adrenal fatigue, an irregular menstrual cycle, poor fat metabolism, sluggish digestive system and poor blood glucose regulation.

Cortisol plays a crucial role in glucose regulation and metabolism, so poorly managed cortisol levels in the blood leads to imbalanced blood sugar levels, insulin resistance, fluid retention, poor fat metabolism and eventually weight gain.

Environmental oestrogens are rampant in our water supplies, personal care products, non-organic meats, alcohol and everyday use plastics that our bodies are becoming so overloaded with. These xeno-oestrogens that our poor body has no place to store other than fat cells, which means your body NEEDS more fat in storage to house these chemicals to try and keep them away from your organs where they wreak havoc with your health.

Throw in a toxic congested colon on top of this, which further burdens your liver by increasing its workload to detox chemicals from the blood, we now have a very resistant metabolism which only bothers to utilize glucose as an energy source and so fat just continues to store itself in all the places you don’t want it.

When the body is under this amount of ‘stress’ it’s only a matter of time before this level of nutritional depletion, inflammation, toxicity and congestion starts to take its toll on the Thyroid gland and before we know it our master metabolism gland is having problems regulating Thyroid Stimulating hormone and our ability to burn fat is compromised even further.

Addressing these metabolic issues takes a holistic approach; Supporting and nurturing the adrenal gland function with nourishing adaptogenic herbs, learning new stress coping techniques, correcting nutritional deficiencies, cleansing the toxicity out of the colon, supporting liver detoxification pathways and upregulating the removal of waste from your body and specifically nourishing the organs which directly influence metabolism. This needs to be done in a step-by-step nature, addressing all of the ‘cracks’ in your system in order to not only feel better right now, but to prevent this sort of imbalance from ever occurring again.

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When you Adrenals don't work...

Physically we understand that imbalanced adrenal hormones, due to a poorly managed stress response leads to adrenal fatigue and weight gain.  BUT our emotional responses to life will also create that same symptoms of fatigue, nervous system activation, insomnia and emotional highs and lows.

Our personality is largely based upon our belief systems formed in our early developmental years, based on the things we were exposed to and it’s these beliefs which determine our perception of everything we experience in life.

Are you a glass half empty or a glass half full kinda girl?

Do you set healthy boundaries or are you invisible to those around you because your have been modelled people pleasing behaviour as a child?

Are you constantly comparing yourself to others and then feeling like you are not enough or like there’s something wrong with you?

Are you running yourself into the ground, over doing it socially because FOMO rules your life and are you constantly in a state of disharmony because at the core of your being you have a deep lack of self-worth and fear of rejection, that you can never truly relax and feel a sense of self-acceptance?

We call these the Adrenal personality types and these are all just as responsible as your dietary and lifestyle choices for creating adrenal fatigue in your body.

In the 7 Step Hormone Healing System program we utilize the Emotional Evolution process to reconnect you with your truth, your values and build your self-worth so that we can feel a sense of peace and satisfaction within yourself and get yourself off the ‘never good enough’ cycle that is keeping your body in a heightened state of stress.

I'm SICK of looking 6 MONTHS PREGNANT after every meal....why is this happening?

Digestion vs Gut Health

Digestion is the process of breaking down food into macro nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats and proteins, which we require for ALL functions which take place in the body, mainly energy, growth & repair. FOOD is essentially the FUEL that allows our vehicle (body) to drive.  The mouth, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine (colon) and anus are crucial for this process and secondary involvement of the pancreas, liver and gall bladder are also involved to ensure digestion takes place adequately.

Gut Health refers to the living organisms (bacteria) within the gut, 80% of them living within the colon (which is why I’m so obsessed with colon cleansing). The health of your gut bacteria impacts your immune system, your hormones, your mood, your digestion and so much more, this microbiome of living organism is referred to as the 2nd brain, because these bacterium communicate with every cell in your body, just like our brain does. In short, GUT HEALTH is pretty damn important.

When there are this many DIFFERENT components associated with your digestive system, it’s no wonder things can go wrong and you can feel ordinary after eating meals if each crucial element of digestion isn’t working in unison. 

Probiotics aren’t going to solve all your problems, stop wasting your money and start working on the root cause of your Digestive problems!

This is DRIVES ME CRAZY….we’re all sold the dream that taking a Probiotic will solve all your bloating problems and fix your digestion!!!

Sorry but it’s not that simple.

Yes probiotics are great for us, but throwing a live beneficial bacteria into an under functioning, toxic, inflamed, sluggish system is a complete waste of time and your money.

There’s a whole lot of preparation work that needs to be done before you’re ready to supplement with a probiotic.

If you want a healthy problem-free digestive system and NO MORE BLOATING, then you need to ensure your entire system is functioning optimally.

There’s a step-by-step process to follow:

  1. Manage your Stress response – if you are over producing stress hormones, you won’t be operating in the para-sympathetic nervous system which is essential for digesting food (and sleeping)
  2. Cleanse the Colon – you won’t have healthy, beneficial bacteria in your colon if this is full of toxic mucoid plaque
  3. Eradicate the nasty infections in your gut disrupting digestion; parasites, candida, dysbiotic flora
  4. Re-inoculate with healthy beneficial bacteria
  5. Stimulate digestive secretions
  6. Support pancreatic function to ensure enzyme production is happening efficiently
  7. Heal the gut
  8. Remove inflammatory irritative foods from the diet
  9. Ensure the liver is functioning optimally
  10. Support Gall bladder function to ensure optimal fat emulsification
  11. Stimulate normal peristaltic contractions to ensure food moves through the digestive system effectively
  12. Modulate gut immunity to treat food intolerances
  13. Balance digestive hormones

There’s a lot going on in that digestive system of yours, but don’t worry, the 7 Step Hormone healing system will teach you how to identify which part of your system is ‘broken’ and needs addressing, so that you will have the knowledge and ‘tool’s to keep your digestive system and that stomach wash board flat for the rest of your life!

“No hormonal imbalance is straight forward and until we are willing to stop trying to ‘fix’ ourselves with a ‘1 size fits all’ PILL and ACTUALLY do the inner work, educate ourselves and understand what our hormones are trying to communicate to us, we will never truly be free of our hormone hell”

Before I Created the 7 Step Hormone Healing System...

I was frustrated, going around and around in circles, being told the same thing by GP’s, Gynaecologists and Endocrinologists…just go on the PILL…

Except the OCP made me feel crazy, put on weight, gave me Vaginal Thrush and feel and even more miserable than I did without it! So there had to be another solution and I knew I had to go so much deeper than just taking ‘natural supplements’ because I’d been doing that for the last 10 years, which was really just keeping my head above water.

I was the heaviest I had ever been, depressed, struggling with fatigue, hot flushes and ghastly cystic acne on my back….something was missing and that’s how I created the 7 Step Hormone Healing System, which includes absolutely  EVERYTHING I did to turn my health around and recover from Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and start thriving again! 

The 7 Step Hormone Healing System is so much more than just another online's a new way of THRIVING!

You currently have 2kg of toxic, sludgy, slimey mucoid plaque stuck in your colon...

If you consume ANYTHING that irritates your digestive tract, your mucous membranes INTENTIONALLY secrete mucous in order to protect your digestive system from damage. 

Alcohol, refined sugar, gluten, coffee, meat, dairy, pharmaceutical medications…if any of these things are entering your body, you will have a build up of toxic mucoid plaque which affects your ability to absorb nutrients & creates ‘dirty blood’ leading to skin outbreaks, brain fog and fatigue. On  top of this the liver becomes burdened and our ability to maintain hormone balance becomes impossible.

And the only way to REMOVE this toxic plaque from your system in through COLON CLEANSING. Colon Cleansing is the crucial 2nd step of the Balanced Babes 7 Step Hormone Healing System protocol for addressing the driving causes of ALL symptoms of imbalanced hormones and classic Endocrine and Reproductive disorders.   

The Problems with PCOS.....that your Doctor isn't addressing...

If you’ve been diagnosed with Poly cystic ovarian syndrome and despite feeling some relief for the fact you now know why your periods are haywire, your skin is always angry and no matter what you do your body shape won’t change…BUT you are still no closer to actually getting a solution and feeling better.

No doubt you’ve seen your GP and the only solutions you’ve been given are:

  • The Oral contraceptive pill or similar synthetic hormone replacement therapy
  • Metformin or a similar anti-diabetic drug to silence the Insulin resistance
  • Unhelpfully told you need to lose weight
  • Unhelpfully told you will probably never conceive naturally…

Let’s take a look at the Balanced Babes holistic understanding of PCOS…

Oestrogen dominance

This is the nasty environmental stuff (not the natural stuff produced by your ovaries) that is driving the cyst growth, mood swings, weight gain and abnormal periods

In fact, you’ve got too much of the ‘bad’ oestrogen, you are probably not producing much of the ‘natural’ stuff as a result, leading to your irregular and possibly even absent monthly bleeds and other characteristics of low oestrogen –  dry skin, sore breasts, weak or brittle bones, trouble concentrating, moodiness and irritability, Vaginal dryness or atrophy, hot flashes and night sweats, irregular periods or no periods (amenorrhea), weight gain – especially in your belly, Headaches before or during your period, low libido and painful intercourse, fatigue or trouble sleeping.  

Sluggish Liver Detoxification Pathways

When the liver detoxification pathways are not working adequately, hormones are not metabolized and recycled effectively after they exhibit their desired effect of the target receptor. Meaning hormone metabolites build up in the system, throwing off overall hormone balance.

Keep in mind, the only method your doctor generally uses to ‘check’ your liver health is via liver enzyme tests which are routinely done with a Full blood count, however these will only be elevated if your liver is REALLY distressed or inflamed, they do not indicate the functioning or effectiveness of detoxification.

Chronic Colon Congestion

Chronic build-up of mucoid plaque within the colon leads to over exposure of toxins to the ovaries and reproductive organs which influences the formation of cysts as a safety mechanism to trap the toxins locally and prevent systemic toxicity.  As the colon is wrapped around the reproductive organs, they are very vulnerable to the waste build up which occurs overtime in anyone who consumes anything that is irritative to the digestive tract; dairy, gluten, alcohol, coffee, refined sugar, processed meats etc

Insulin Resistance

This is why you can’t lose weight with PCOS.

Insulin resistance occurs when your cells no longer respond to insulin which leads to elevated blood glucose levels, which leads to an increased production of the hormone, insulin from the pancreas, causing inflammation and an inability to lose weight. Most women with PCOS & Insulin resistance will have a number of deficiencies of key minerals necessary for blood glucose regulation such as: Chromium, Magnesium, Zinc & Biotin

Balancing Insulin, adrenal hormones, reducing inflammation, increasing exercise, consuming a PCOS supportive diet and correcting the underlying nutritional deficiencies associated with blood sugar regulation are a crucial part of treating and recovering from PCOS

Androgen Excess

Elevated androgens is a common characteristic in women with PCOS, which can lead to symptoms such as; acne, oily skin, changes in female body shape towards a more masculine appearance, a decrease in breast size, an increase in body hair in a male pattern, such as on the face, chin, and abdomen, absence of periods (amenorrhea)

High androgens is driven by inflammation, elevated Luteinizing hormone and increased Insulin which causes an increased production of Androgens such as; testosterone, androstenedione, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), and DHEA sulfate (DHEAS).

Nutritional Deficiencies

A depleted system simply does not run properly! If you are deficient in any vitamin or mineral, it will result in cracks in your system, quite often evidenced by fatigue, poor moods and concentration, troubled skin and eventually dis-ease of any kind including Poly cystic ovarian system!

We highly recommend and support you through the process with referral for a mineral assessment test done via functional pathology labs, in order to assess where you’re at as part of a holistic approach to treating PCOS naturally, safely and effectively in the long the run!

Hyper-Stimulation of Oestrogen Receptors – Copper & Antimony

This occurs due to a toxic build up of Copper and the heavy metal Antimony. Copper toxicity leads to the hyperstimulation of oestrogen receptors, allowing excess oestrogen in your system, particularly xeno-oestrogens to wreak havoc in your body…causing things like;

• Painful intercourse
• Period pain, heavy clotty periods
• PMS, breast pain & mood swings
• Weight gain & Infertility

Firstly let me make this clear, copper is an essential mineral which we all require, the problem lies within when copper is abnormally retained due to dysfunctional excretion pathways.

It’s highly unlikely that you will ever ‘get to much copper’ from your diet, but excess copper can absolutely become an issue for those using copper IUD’s or those supplementing with copper containing multi vitamin & mineral formulations or those who have suffered repeated miscarriages.

Unfortunately copper is used in pesticides as well as within our water fluoridation process, so if you suffer with impaired copper excretion pathways, this mineral could absolutely be adding to your oestrogen dominance woes.

Kryptopyrroluria a condition which inhibits absorption of Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese & vitamin B6 is one major cause as these minerals are necessary for healthy copper excretion.

Antimony is a toxic heavy metal which sneaks into our body through BPA (Bisphenol-A) & phthalates found in most of your make up & personal care beauty products, as well as flame retardants…all your new clothes & bedsheets, carpet, curtains etc are covered in this and PET plastic food containers, which leaches out the moment it’s heated….think your plastic takeaway food containers & anytime you microwave something in a plastic container

Antimony does a similar thing as copper within the body, it hyper stimulates oestrogen receptors leading to:

• Ovulation, intercourse & period pain
• thickening of the uterine lining (heavy periods)
• Growth of cysts, fibroids & Endo tissue
• Wild mood swings with crazy highs & lows
• Insomnia
• Cystic lumpy breasts

I find in clinic 9/10 of my Endometriosis & PCOS clients have toxic high levels of Antimony & without a specific targeted effort to remove this from the body, the problems of oestrogen dominance continue

The other crappy thing Antimony does in the body is BLOCK absorption of chromium, which is a driving force why blood sugar regulation is disrupted, you don’t process carbohydrates correctly leading to energy highs and lows due to erratic blood sugar levels and resistant weight loss occurs.

Suppressed unexpressed Anger or Resentment

When things don’t go our way or we experience unfortunate or even traumatic events in our life, if we are not equipped in dealing with these emotions and traumas (and honestly who is?) then these unexpressed emotions become suppressed within our cells and affect our emotional-energetic body. This causes a disruption of blood flow and energy to our reproductive organs making them weak and more susceptible to diseases and especially disorders of the reproductive system. Most women with PCOS have simply not learnt the tools to safely explore and release trapped emotions which keeps them stuck in the PCOS trap.


Think of these as the tiny little slow burning fires in your body which are fuelled by stress, poor diet, imbalanced hormones, toxicity, sleep deprivation and more! Until you get on top of these fires by addressing the things which are triggering the inflammation, the symptoms of PCOS will continue and your hormonal imbalances driving PCOS will remain. Adopting anti-inflammatory life style practices is an easy way to start taking back control of your health and at Balanced Babes our passion is finding tricks and tools which actually feel good as part of your self-care healing journey so that you can still enjoy the ‘naughty’ things too!

Diet & lifestyle factors

Many women are burning the candle at both ends and completely unaware how this is affecting their adrenal system, resulting in activation and over stimulation of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Finding a life style balance that allows you to do all the things you love with adequate ‘rest’ and downtime is one of the most important factors of overcoming PCOS and it all starts with having the self-awareness and strong connection with your body so that you can understand the subtle messages your body is giving you through symptoms and sensations and even your intuition. Developing this mind-body connection through the implementation of spiritual and emotional practices is the key stand out element of the 7 Step Hormone Healing System that is not taught in many other PCOS treatment plans.

Dysbiotic flora within the GIT

(Gastro Intestinal Tract)

An overgrowth of harmful bacteria, an extremely common issue which causes bloating, gas and general discomfort through the digestive system. 90% of women struggling with hormonal imbalances are lacking healthy bacteria in the gut, but without treating the over growth of harmful bacteria, taking a probiotic is a complete waste of time.  In the 7 Step Hormone Healing System you are taught the exact process of restoring digestion, eliminating gas and bloating and completely healing the gut.

Check point time…

Which things of the above have you already addressed?

What is left to address before you can over turn your PCOS ?

Is it time to start the 7 Step Hormone Healing System?

Do you need to speak to Stacey to find out if this program is the right approach for you?

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