The 7 Step Hormone Healing System

The complete Step-by-step healing System, I used to heal my body & change my relationship with myself!

The 7 step Hormone Healing System is more than just your complete road map to natural hormone balance. It teaches you how to balance your hormones and address those oh-so-common signs of adrenal fatigue, PMS, painful periods, weight gain and unruly menstrual cycles, and most importantly, it’s a step-by-step guide on how to take back control of your body, your thoughts, and your life.

This program is different from any other natural hormone healing or balancing courses out there as you will soon discover. Along with naturopathy supplements and natural hormone balance herbs that you have to take, you will be inundated with information and teachings on the best natural hormone balancer, colon cleansing techniques, and liver care, among others.

“When I was living out of alignment, not listening to my body, not focusing on my goals and following my dreams, I was 13kg overweight, struggling with Polycystic ovarian syndrome,  painful heavy periods and completely hating my body, struggling with depression and feeling insecure about how I looked. It wasn’t until I started working through my emotional wounds, changing my limiting beliefs and systematically addressing the causes of my hormone imbalances that I was able to turn my health and happiness around. I did this by following the 7 Step Hormone Healing System” – Stacey Foat

Are Your Hormones Imbalanced?

If you identify with ANY of the following, the 7 Step Hormone Healing System is for you!!!
Struggling with Self-love and Self-Acceptance
Cranky, emotional and out of sort every time your period rolls around
Feeling like you have no control over your hormones, emotions or feelings
No matter what health kick you try, nothing seems to change your body shape
Adrenal Fatigue is your middle name
Feeling like your body is failing you
Hot flushes driving you up the wall
Hormonal Acne that makes you feel self-conscious and embarrassed to leave the house
Stuck in a rut and feeling like you don’t know what you want from life anymore
Continual feeling of disconnection from your body
Periods are painful, too heavy or completely out of whack
Feeling isolated and losing confidence in yourself
Reoccurring vaginal infections or thrush
Unhappy in your romantic relationship but don’t know what to do about it
Sick and tired of being sick and tired
Finding it difficult to look in the mirror without cringing
Completely lost your Mojo and feeling like your intimate relationship is struggling as a result
Ashamed of how you’re starting to behave with your children and partner
Have been diagnosed with Endometriosis, PCOS, PMDD, fibroids, Adenomyosis or struggling with infertility
Feeling like a slave to motherhood and resentment creeping in

So, What Exactly is the 7 Step Hormone Healing System?

7 Step Hormone Healing System - $997


10 X FORTNIGHTLY PAYMENTS OF $100 over 20 weeks




  •  Online eCourse & Education Portal – The 7 Step Hormone Healing System


  • 2 x 30 minute phone Naturopathic Consultations with Stacey to individualise your healing journey and customize your healing based on your personal health goals and health conditions


  • Facebook Support Group
  • Real Time Group Coaching – Daily Health Tips, Live Video’s, Q & A’s
  • Daily Access to Professional Naturopathic Advice
  • Eating plans, Recipes & regular Meal Inspo
  • Balanced Babes Sisterhood – Weekly Live Online Zoom Group Healing’s – EFT, Guided Meditation, NLP, Time Line Therapy, Sound & Frequency Healing & Sisterhood Connection
  • Optional Access to Professional Naturopathically Formulated Supplements



When our hormones are out of whack, so is everything in your life…your happiness, relationships, moods, periods, dreams & even your ability to connect with your purpose & goals.

The 7 step hormone healing system is the complete road map, on not only how to balance your hormones & address those oh so common signs of adrenal fatigue, PMS, painful periods, weight gain & unruly monthly’s but most importantly this is a step by step guide on how to take back control of your body, your thoughts & your life.

In this online program, you will learn how to reconnect with your intuition, form a sacred connection with your body & learn the language of your hormones which were only ever communicating your body’s needs.

This program is different to any other ‘hormone balancing‘ educational course out there
as it teaches you to love your hormones, understand their messages & learn how to
navigate your way through your body’s needs.

It addresses the physical, emotional & spiritual causes of your hormones holistically, bringing your body back into balance not just in the short term but ensures you have the tools & knowledge to navigate the ever-changing stages of your hormonal cycles for the rest of your life.


Weekly sisterhood online gatherings and Emotional Evolution Group Healings
Weekly Q & A Sessions
Weekly Bonus Trainings for additional support and direction with each module
Regular motivational posts & Support
Bonus weekly tasks and challenges to keep you smashing out your goals
Cancel anytime, no lock in contracts
Monthly group coaching cost: $49AUD

So Why Join The 7 Step Hormone Healing System?

Join the online program and gain access to every single practice and healing process I implemented
to overcome stage 3 adrenal exhaustion, premature ovarian failure, cystic acne, polycystic ovarian
syndrome, lose 13kg and take back my life!

What you will gain from this Program

Learn how to navigate you’re your hormones and reconnect with the messages of your body
Reconnect with your intuition
Heal your relationship with yourself
Balance Your hormones once and for all (none of this quick fix stuff that only makes it worse in the long run)
Heal and deepen your romantic relationship
Fall inlove with being a mother again
Learn how to harness the power of your creative feminine energy again
Get back your mojo and feel sexy again
Heal the pain and discomfort associated with inflammation in your body
Remember your purpose

Holistically healing your Hormones – how do we do it?


To completely heal your body of the hormonal symptoms that have been getting you down, we need to holistically address all aspects of health by targeting the Physical, Emotional, and spiritual elements to regaining balance in your system.

Each module we address these 3 crucial pillars of health:


The art of honoring your physical body in order to allow it to regain balance and heal

Science measures what we can test and see, so when it comes to addressing your physical body, you will be undertaking a range of health-promoting activities which have been shown to scientifically assist with the healing of your body.

This includes a range of lifestyle factors from dietary intervention, herbal medicine, nutritional
therapy, exercise, and so forth.


What is Emotional Evolution? This is the process formulated by Naturopath, Stacey Foat


You might be thinking, spirituality isn’t really my thing or just straight out don’t even know what it means, and that’s ok. The Balanced Babes approach to spiritual growth is simply about connecting you back to your body and understanding that we are more powerful than we understand! Sacred ritual is an ancient practice which encourages us to slow down, take time out of our busy lives and feel into our body once more. When we strengthen your connection with your higher self, your intuition blossoms and your purpose in life becomes much clearer. You are able to make decisions based on your truest emotional needs and stop living in fear or at the mercy for the need of others approval.

What’s included in the 7 Step Hormone Healing System online Program?

7 Educational Modules + Plus Bonus’s (10 Module total) Delivered via with video & written content
7 week Eating Plan
8 x Live weekly Q & A Group Sessions with Stacey
8 x Live weekly Emotional Evolution group healing sessions facilitated by Stacey
Free Download of Balanced Babes – Every Woman’s Guide to Hormone Harmony
The 7 Step Hormone Healing System Guided Manual Download
Facebook Support group
Naturopathic Supplementation Guide to follow (optional upgrade to purchase supplements)
Affiliate opportunity – share the program with your friends and receive $100 per program sale
7 week Eating Plan

OPTIONAL UPGRADE – The Step Hormone Healing Supplement System

For those who are suffering the physical effects of hormone imbalances or have been diagnosed with hormonal or reproductive disorder conditions and are wanting to fast track the healing results of their physical symptoms, we highly recommend undertaking the Balanced Babes 7 Step Hormone Healing Supplement System

By purchasing the complete system upfront and  save $61!!!

Have the supplements there ready to go, keeping you accountable on your healing journey


7 Step Hormone Healing Supplement System

Frequently Asked Supplement Questions

Do I have to take the Supplements?

No. This is a personal preference, the supplements do however provide powerful healing qualities and will fast track your healing especially if you are struggling with uncomfortable symptoms associated with your hormone imbalance or are struggling with an Endocrine/Reproductive disorder such as Endometriosis, PCOS, Menopause, Thyroid problems, Hormonal Acne, Migraines etc

Can I buy these later?

Yes, all supplements are available from the Balanced Babes Shop and can be purchased at anytime. Full guidance and instructions on how to implement and take these naturopathically formed supplement formulas is shared throughout the online content.

Can I just buy some of the Supplements?

Yes you can pick and choose whatever supplements you like, based on the instructions and recommendations throughout the program

Are all the Supplements Vegan & Gluten Free?


What You’ll Learn in the 7 Step Hormone Healing System

Module 1 - Step 1: Addressing the Adrenals

You can’t lose weight with adrenal dysfunction. You can’t overcome low energy, inflammation or unstable moods if your stress response is activated.
To put it simply, you cannot heal from any health condition or hormone imbalance or eve find the simple joy in life when your body is reacting from the fight and flight response and your adrenals are fatigued.
In this module we heal your adrenals physically with the 3 R’s to Recovery and work through the classic Personality types associated with Adrenal Dysfunction: The ‘Busy Addict’, ‘Comparisonitis, ‘FOMO’, ‘Invisibility’, ‘People Pleasing’, ‘Perfectionism’, ‘Rejection of Self’ and ‘Under Valuing Yourself’.

Module 2 – Step 2: Clearing out the crap – literally and metaphorically

What baggage are you holding onto that’s keeping you stuck? Separate from everything you desire?

Module 3 – Step 3: What’s bugging you?

In this module we work on identifying underlying infections in your body, that you may not even know are there and eradicating these pathogens from your system, literally and energetically. Emotionally it’s about reclaiming your identity, overcoming toxic relationships and learning how to set boundaries and protect yourself from Energy vampires. Learn how to reclaim your body and energy whilst also overcoming the 4 most common undiagnosed infections in your body which contribute to Adrenal dysfunction, auto-immunity, compromised gut health and hormonal imbalance.

Module 4 - Step 4: Loving the liver.

Girlfriend, everything that is going wrong with your body physically; the fatigue, the weight, the skin, the mood swings, the painful periods, the bloating, the brain fog, it’s all comes back to the liver. Learn all the tricks of the trade to keep your liver functioning optimally so that you can still live life in balance. Enjoy that wine, eat the damn cake, but still feel amazing inside and out with this liver life hacks. In this module we also address unexpressed anger and find ways to connect with your body in order to move this stuck energy through the body.

Module 5 – Step 5: Restoring Digestion

It all starts in the gut. Your gut is your guru!
The key to healthy hormones is a healthy gut AND the key to a healthy life is a healthy INTUITION!
Stop feeling bloated. Start feeling energized and excited by food and life! Build a gut microbiome that boosts your immune system and keeps your moods and hormones in check and learn how to trust your GUT INSTINCTS and let your internal compass help you create a life that you love

Module 6 – Step 6: Nailing Nutrition – knowing what is right for your body

Learning how to Nourish the body and understanding the role of Emotional suppression with the use of foods.
Utilize the Emotional Evolution technique to overcome from food addictions and unhealthy eating habits. Heal your relationship. Foods either harm us or heal us, in this module you will learn how to recognize what affect certain foods and diets are having on your body and take the guess work out of knowing what you can and can’t eat for the rest of your life.

Module 7 – Step 7: Emotional Evolution – Turning Triggers into triumphs!

Sick to death of always being cranky, or at the mercy of everyone else’s projected wounds, opinions and fear in these crazy uncertain times we face? This module teaches you how to use your feelings as a catalyst for identifying what you actually need and desire in your life and how to change our beliefs and heal from the past in order to tap into our creative feminine energy and create the life of our dreams. It’s about identifying limiting beliefs which are keeping us stuck in our subconscious programing and evolving from reoccurring situations that do not serve us.

Bonus Module 1: Hormone Balancing

This module contains specific treatment protocols and recommendations for specific hormonal related conditions which you can additionally implement to support your individual complaint or condition

Bonus Module 2: Maintaining Balance

Beyond the 7week program, integrating back into day-to-day life, this module is all about ensuring you can balance your new found sacred self-care skills with everyday life and maintain all the results you achieved while on the program

Who is this program for?

Women ages 18 and over, who want to learn the art of understanding their body and how to take charge of their hormones. This is NOT just a quick fix power challenge, although you can absolutely go hell for leather over the course of the program and implement absolutely everything strictly for the 7 weeks and receive huge changes to your body and health, however the idea of this program is to expose you to as many new life supportive, hormone balancing health hacks and teach you how to incorporate these into your life on an ongoing basis so that your results stick for life!

Pregnant or Breastfeeding mama’s absolutely can join the program, although there would be some activities you would just have to sit out until your body is ready. These are all clearly indicated through the program.

“This program is NOT just about healing, its also about reconnecting with yourself, remembering your greatness, finding inner peace, and taking back control of your life and happiness.”


  • weight gain
  • a hump of fat between the shoulders
  • unexplained, and sometimes sudden, weight loss
  • fatigue
  • muscle weakness
  • muscle aches, tenderness, and stiffness
  • pain, stiffness, or swelling in your joints
  • increased or decreased heart rate
  • Excess sweating
  • increased sensitivity to cold or heat
  • constipation or more frequent bowel movements
  • frequent urination
  • increased thirst
  • increased hunger
  • decreased sex drive
  • depression
  • nervousness, anxiety, or irritability
  • purple or pink stretch marks
  • blurred vision
  • infertility
  • painful periods
  • thinning hair or fine, brittle hair
  • dry skin
  • puffy face
  • rounded face
  • frequent infections
  • Inflammation
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Fluid retention
  • Hot flushes
  • Mood swings
  • Food intolerances
  • Nausea
  • Vaginal infections


  • You are always cranky at your children and husband
  • You are bored with life
  • You hate how you look
  • You have ZERO sex drive
  • Your work doesn’t fulfill you
  • You live in a constant state of fear and anxiety
  • Scrolling through social media constantly triggers you
  • You blame everything on your partner or kids
  • You have had major fallouts with friends or family members
  • You’re stuck in a rut of overeating, over drinking and shaming yourself
  • Everyday you promise yourself to ‘do better’ but you don’t know how to
  • Your body simply does not respond to any health kick you try
  • You are desperately unhappy with how you feel
  • You’re angry all the time but don’t really know why

This program is also specifically useful for women struggling with conditions such as:

  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Endometriosis
  • Poly cystic ovarian syndrome
  • Auto-immune conditions
  • Menopause
  • Infertility
  • Fibroids
  • Adenomyosis
  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

“The 7 Step Hormone Healing System isn’t just a hormone balancing program, it’s an attitude check and a completely new way of existing!” Stacey Foat

Beliefs of a Balanced Babe?

She understands that her hormones control everything in her world – happiness, libido, energy, how she looks
She’s in touch with her emotional needs, she knows what she wants & how to ask for the help & support
She’s comfortable in her body & loves how it looks & feels
She’s Confident & Connected to her sexual energy….she has a libido!!!!
She’s excited by life and ready to take on the world
She doesn’t feel guilty about scheduling self-care and putting herself first sometimes
She is assertive at setting boundaries and honouring herself

“If I can turn my whole world around and go from eating a block of chocolate a day, desperately hating myself, stuck in a miserable toxic relationship to healing my physical body, regaining my confidence and attracting the love of my life, trust me, anyone can…AND I still each chocolate and drink wine whenever I like”

“Battered and Broken to Balanced Babe”

Come join me on this transformational journey Today!

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