19 - 22 July 2024

'Break free from heart break'

About the Retreat

A Wellness retreat for the heart  – Release the past & embrace your dream life, relationship & health!

The Balanced Heart retreat is designed to improve your emotional intelligence, allowing you to expand into more love in all aspects of your world.
It’s about falling back in love with your life, building self- confidence & remembering who you are at your truth – pure love and unlimited potential!

In this retreat we’ll assist you in up leveling all aspects of your life so that you can show up as the best version of yourself in all of your relationships

We don’t attract what we want, we attract who we are, so come create the person you want to be with, starting from the inside out!

Who is this Retreat for?

✨️ Single people – wanting to feel whole and complete within themselves, needing to heal and recover from past relationships 

✨️ People already in relationships who are looking to improve their relationship with themselves in order to create a deeper connection with their partner & others. *Your Partner does not have to come along in order for your relationship to benefit 

✨️ Couples – come and do the work side by side to better enrich your relationship and show up as the best version for each other 

The Recipe for a Balanced Heart...

Retreat Rundown

What we’ll  be covering on Retreat….

✨️Authenticity – who are you? What do you stand for, reconnecting with yourself
Finding your passions & your purpose

✨️ Healing from past relationship trauma

✨️ Emotional Evolution – Transforming a Trigger

✨️ Emotional Freedom Technique – Tapping

✨️Conscious communication

✨️ NEEDS – both men & women

✨️ Creating your dream life

✨️ Taking back your power

✨️ The next level you: Health hacks for ultimate success
Physical health
✨️Emotional health: discipline, motivation, consistency

✨️ Breathwork

✨️ Yin Yoga

✨️Practices to support the body in releasing stored trauma

✨️Somatic Therapy

✨️Plant Ceremonies 

✨️And a whole lotta growth, fun and expansion! 

What's Included in your Retreat Package?

Friday 19th July to Monday 22nd of July 

✨️ 3 Nights Accommodation

✨️All Meals – organic plant based wholesome meals

✨️4 days of healing, education, somatic exercises and personal growth 

(Friday – Arrive 1pm, leave 2pm Monday)


✨️Post Retreat Integration Call 

✨️Lifelong connections and priceless healing


This is the Retreat to....

✨️ Fall back in love with yourself

✨️  Open up to receiving more love

✨️  Clear relationship blocks

✨️ Heal past relationship wounds

✨️ Understand Conscious Communication

✨️ Transform through everyday Triggers

✨️ Take back your power

✨️ Step into Radical Self-Responsibility

✨️ Break free from Blame

✨️ Feel confident and sexy in your own body

Your Facilitators

Stacey Foat

Naturopath, Nutritionist & Hormone Specialist

Stacey has over 16 years clinical experience working with health and hormones, but is most passionate about helping others to live a truely inspired, abundant and love enriched life! 

My passion for human performance and personal growth has led me down a path of acquiring many qualifications including: Body Consciousness, The Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping), Breathwork, Time line Therapy, Meditation Guide, Reiki and much more and I can’t wait to share them all including my personal lived experience in failed and triumphant relationships to help you create your own epic love story. 

Trent Parry

I am a Builder, a Breathwork Facilitator and a Men’s Mentor 

I am beyond excited to be bringing this retreat to life with my amazing wife Stacey, a retreat where we will share the tools and experience we have been through both as single people before we met, and, as a couple since we met, that we used to grow and fall in love.

I, like most people, led a very “typical” life jumping from relationship to relationship, then settling a bit to have 2 beautiful Children. My “typical” life continued, stagnated, and slid backwards through to divorce to becoming a single parent who was “never getting married again!!”…… Ha, how wrong could I be!!

After meeting Stacey in early 2020, literally weeks before “lockdown”, my whole life changed. Stacey re-introduced me to love, completely opening my heart and mind up to the fact that I could love again. I can honestly say that I am the happiest I’ve ever been.

Through having an attitude of “giving things a go” I have discovered that there are so many ways to grow and learn, both as an individual, and as a couple. That the more I grow and learn, the more my relationship with Stacey grows too.

I’m ready to share these tools with others. To people who are ready to change, to move forward. To people who are ready to dive in and discover who they really are and from there to call in their perfect partner. To couples who feel stuck or stagnant and want to re-start the growth in their love for each other. For anyone who just wants to grow!!

Retreat Location & Facilities

Welcome to Tivoli Retreat
A space of nurturing bliss for Body, Mind & Spirit
162 Wilton Rd, Greens Creek QLD 

Tivoli Retreat is nestled in the Cedar Pocket Valley near Gympie, just 45 minutes from Noosa. 

Meticulously designed for absolute comfort and privacy, this ‘Yin’ space emphasizes relaxation and rejuvenation. The modern Lotus Yoga Studio with breathtaking views, a magnesium plunge pool, therapy treatment rooms, and a sauna provides a holistic wellness experience, fostering personal growth and tranquility.

The comfortable accommodations complete the haven, offering a nurturing environment for guests to unwind and embark on their wellness journey. Tivoli Retreat stands as a harmonious sanctuary, where the endless views and thoughtful amenities converge to create a holistic and enriching experience for the mind, body, and spirit.


Pricing & Rooms

Limited Spaces Available 

$1800 per person

Optional upgrades to a Twin Share Room (extra costs)

Optional Adventure – Bring your Tent & camp for the reduced price of $110


1 x Twin Share with King Sized Bed & Ensuite Bathroom (Would suit a couple) $5400 per room (2 people). Additional King single bed can be added for a group of 3 friends

1 x Twin Share with Queen Bed & shared Bathroom with 2 other people – $3600 per room (2 people) 

11 x Shared Accommodation with Shared Bathroom (3-4 per room, 3 rooms total) $1800 per person. These rooms are extremely spacious. 

2 x 2 Man Tent Camping Includes indoor Toilet, outdoor shower, 2 people per tent $1100 per person

Secure Your Spot

To Register your Interest and Reserve your Spot Contact Stacey on 0418134883

Payment Plans Available - Must be paid in full before July 19th, 2024 No additional fees for Payment made in full via Bank Transfer. Payment plans include a 2.9% Processing Fee


Is this retreat for Singles or couples? 

BOTH. This retreat is designed to help individuals heal from past relationship trauma, heal the relationship with themselves and expand into more Self-Love and Self-Awareness so that you can attract or enjoy the soul filled, earth shaking relationship! This work can be done as a single person, in order to assist you in calling in your life partner or done as someone already in a relationship, but hoping to become the best version of themselves in order to create more fulfilling relationships; romantically and professionally or with family members. 

The retreat is also suitable for couple to attend and heal and grow together. There is a very limited availability for Private twin share room, so please express your interest quickly. 

What will the Meals and Catering Consist of?

Our caterer will be proving highly nutritious, gluten free, plant-based meals and desserts over the 4 days. We’ll also be serving a selection of Slow cooked meats for our Meat eater. Your daily routine will consist of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Dessert. 

Fresh fruit will also be available to snack on.

You are encouraged to bring along any additional snacks you feel you may need above this.

ABSOLUTELY. We have an experienced chef who is providing wholesome, healthy heart-warming meals, but we have the ability to individualize your requests within reason, so just reach out! 

How much spare time do we get to relax and unwind?

The Balanced Heart retreat is a jam packed 4 days with lots of inner healing, education and practical activities to assist you in healing your heart. We provide hour long breaks inbewteen each 2 hour session to give you ample down time to rest, integrate and regather yourself. 

An example of our Saturday and Sunday include a 7.30am start with movement, Breathwork and Ice Bath Therapy, followed by an hour break for Breakfast. 

Our first session kicks off around 10.30am for 2 hours followed by a 1 hour break for lunch .

The afternoon session will consist of Breathwork and plant ceremonies to assist you on your journey followed by another hour down time before dinner and optional evening activities to follow. 

Want to Know More?

If you have further questions and would like to find out more to ensure this retreat is the right fit for you, schedule yourself a FREE no obligations chat with Stacey

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