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The ‘Balanced Babes’ Naturopathic clinic by Stacey Foat is located in Alexandra Headland on the Sunshine Coast. Stacey Foat is a degree qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist with over 15 years of clinical experience. Her skills include western herbal medicine, counselling, Nutrition, health coaching and genentics as part of the Naturopathic consultation, as well as additional tools such as, massage, infrared sauna, breath work, ice bath therapy and guided cacao ceremony among other tools to guide you to wellness.  Stacey Foat offers treatment plans designed to assist everyone, including men and women with hormone-related conditions and a wide range of other ailments including Auto-immune conditions, Gut Health Digestive problems and more.

Phone or Zoom(video) consultation is also available.

Find out more about Stacey’s personal health journey here.

Stacey’s experience, qualifications and specialties include:

Nutritional therapy

Weight loss

Herbal Medicine

The Emotional Freedom Technique

Body Consciousness/Kinesiology

Heavy metal, Vitamin and Mineral Testing – Oligo Scan Device 

Thyroflex – Specialised Thyroid Testing

Reproductive Disorders such as; Endometriosis, PCOS & Fertility

Genetic Testing

Gut Health & Microbiome Testing – Comprehensive Stool Analysis

Clinic Services

• Full Comprehensive Initial Naturopathic Consultation – $495

Including 90minute consultation, ThyroFlex, Heavy Metal Testing, Mineral Testing, Vitamin Testing, Live Blood Analysis, full health assessment including Constitutional Iridology, 11 day Frequency Detoxification program with RIFFE machine, Tongue, Nail assessment, Diet evaluation & comprehensive Treatment plan developed after your session (2 hours extra spent outside of your appointment developing your individualized treatment plan)

• Full Express Testing – $350
Live Blood Analysis + Thyroflex + Heavy Metal, Vitamin & Mineral (Oligo Scan) + 60minute consultation
Includes print outs of your results & on the spot recommendations, referrals if necessary & personalized prescription – DOES NOT INCLUDE A COMPREHENSIVE TREATMENT PLAN

• Lite Express Testing $25o
45minute Consultation  + Live Blood Analysis + Oligo scan OR Thyroflex
Includes print outs of your results & on the spot recommendations, referrals I necessary & personalized prescription – DOES NOT INCLUDE A COMPREHENSIVE TREATMENT PLAN

Oligo scan Test only – $165
15minute Consultation + Heavy metal, Vitamin & Mineral Test plus professional interpretation & on the spot treatment plan. Printed & Digital copy of your results

• Thyroflex Test only – $150 15minute consultation + Thyroid Test plus professional interpretation & on the spot treatment plan. Referral to specialized Thyroid Doctor for Natural Bio-identical Thyroid hormones if necessary or Naturopathic Thyroid Treatment protocol. Supplements extra.

• Live Blood Analysis only – $85
30minute consultation + Test + on the sport interpretation

• Follow Up Naturopathic Consultation – $95
45minute consultation Without Testing, includes Live Blood Analysis

  • Assisted Ice Bath + Infrared Sauna session- $45

45 minute assisted session with Stacey or Trent (Balanced Blokes)

  • Ice Bath + Infrared Sauna – $35

45minute unassisted session

  • Group Ice Bath + Breathwork Classes – $25-30 

All events & class times can be found here:

Comprehensive Genetic Testing Wellness Package

Test: Comprehensive DNA Health Report

This DNA test covers an extensive 96 genes, and 113 SNP’s across: Digestion, Energy, Hormones, Stress & Cognitive Performance, Inflammation, Athletic Performance, DNA Protection & Repair, Detoxification

Your Genetic Profile

This extremely comprehensive Gene Assessment covers the following:

Macronutrient Metabolism

How well you process fats, proteins and carbs, your requirement of each and which types of these fuels are most beneficial for your system.

Micronutrient Requirements

Your individual requirement for all of the following Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, C, D (how well you can utilize sunshine) E, K2, Biotin, Choline, Betaine

Minerals: Magnesium, Manganese, Lithium, Selenium

As well as Prebiotic Fibres, Antioxidants, Phytonutrients

Food Tolerance

Your potential to tolerate: Lactose, Caffeine, gluten

Toxin Sensitivity

Moulds, Xeno-oestrogens, Occupational Toxins, Alcohol, Aspartame, Food Dyes, Glyphosate, Pesticides, herbicides, Heavy metals & more

Mental Health & Cognitive Performance

Brain repair, Concussion recovery, memory, mood, anxiety, addiction, fear response, reward system

Ability to Cope with Stress

Stress perception, Stress & Digestion, Weight training and stress relief, pressure response

Sleep Patterns

Sleep duration requirement, Recommended wake time, caffeine sleep disturbance, REM sleep

Immune Support

h.Pylori, Candida, Malaria, Norovirus, DNA viruses, Covid-19 resistance management

DNA Protection & Repair

Glutathione protection, Catalase protection, Mitochondrial protection, UV protection (sunlight) , skin protection, lung protection, colon protection, Cured meat and colon health, eye protection, Thyroid protection, pancreas protection, bladder protection


Folate, Folinic Acid, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Riboflavin (B2), Choline & Betain, Synthetic Folic Acid,

Hormone Support

Oestrogen Detoxification, Prostate protection, Testosterone levels, oxidative stress & fertility, T3 & T4, Adiponectin, Ghrelin

Cardiovascular health

HDL & LDL, VLDL, Triglycerides, ApoB, Lp(a), Raw Plant intake, Nitric Oxide, Homocysteine, Blood Clots, Uric Acid, Hemachromatosis


Power Athlete Potential, weightlifting inflammation, Endurance exercise inflammation, high intensity exercise inflammation, ACL & Shoulder dislocation Risk, Ankle & hamstring risk, Cold Endurance, Caffeine response


Total cost $450

Price Includes:

Professional Practitioner Referral for Specialized Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing of 92 Genes and 113 SNP’s

Postage & Return Postage of your Test Kit

PDF copy of your Results

1hour clinical Consultation to go over all the results of your test and action a preventative treatment plan. This can be done in person or over the phone

Personalized Treatment Plan including daily action steps to overcome your genetic potential, professional supplementation (if required)

Genetic Test only – NO CONSULTATION – $320

myDNA Full Comprehensive Genetic Test Kit | Balanced Babes

The Booking Process

To order your Genetic Testing Package simple purchase this here:

Upon payment you will be contacted by Stacey to request the following information: Postal address for your test, Date of Birth etc

From here Stacey with order your testing kit which will be posted to your advised location. 

Your test is a simple cheek swab, please ensure to follow all instructions enclosed in your kit upon receiving.

How to Collect Your Sample

Once Stacey has your Test results you will be contacted and given a link to schedule an appointment for your appointment to go over all of your results. This will also include some health history and general Naturopathic assessments so Stacey can put together a very detailed treatment and lifestyle plan for you to implement for total health, wellbeing and longevity.

Please note, Stacey spends a minimum 1-2 additional hours preparing your Treatment plan which she is NOT charging for as part of the initial introduction of this service in the clinic. Prices will be increasing in 2024 so secure your testing now if this is something you want to take advantage of.

Getting in Contact

For all Questions or further information please reach out to Stacey at: or through social media IG: stacey_balancedbabes

Additional Services

Weight Loss

Express Testing

Breathwork + Ice Bath Classes

Thermogenesis Boost – Ice bath therapy, Infrared Sauna & Detoxification Body Clay Application

45 minute Appointment – guided 2-3 minute ice bath followed by 20 minute sauna session with the application of high quality Zeolite Detoxification clay over troublesome areas which have been resistance to weight loss ie Stomach & thighs

Appointment includes: 1 litre of Filtered Hydrogen water to consume within the shower

What to bring to your appointment: 

  • Swimmers/Togs/Activewear to wear in the Ice bath & Sauna
  • Towel

To book your appointment:


Naturopathic Testing: Heavy Metal testing, Vitamin & Mineral Assessment & Live Blood Analysis 

45 minute express testing, without the full health history investigation. 

This is an ideal quick consultation for those who are not suffering with any major health issues, but would like to do a check in to see where they are at and if Nutritional depletion or toxicity is occurring behind the scenes putting you at risk of disease in the future. 

Appointment includes: 

  • Heavy metal, mineral & vitamin assessment – print out and digital copy 
  • Live Blood Analysis 
  • Personalised Treatment protocol & plan of attack to correct imbalances

To book your assessment: 

Interactive Group Workshop facilitated by  Trent & Stacey to Kick start a ‘high vibing’ week ahead

90 minute workshop, limited to just 12 people where you are guided through Breathwork, Ice Bath, Infrared Sauna & Cacao Ceremony

A fun, interactive workshop guiding your through health tools to help you heal the body, connect with your higher self and support health and wellbeing. 

Places are limited to keep groups intimate and fun

To check out the dates for the upcoming weekend end events please visit:


Heavy Metal, Vitamin & Mineral Testing

Testing is performed using a non-invasion Oli go scan device, developed in Germany, utilizing  infrared and spectrophotometry technology.


What does it test for?
  • 24 Minerals – Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Silicon, Sodium, Potassium, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Chromium, Vanadium, Boron, Cobalt, Molybdenum, Iodine, Lithium, Germanium, Selenium, Sulphur, Flour
  • 7 Vitamins – Vitamin A, B6, B9, B12, C, D & E
  • 15 Toxic heavy metals – Aluminium, Antimony, Arsenic, Silver, Barium, Bismuth, Cadmium, Mercury, Nickel, Platinum, Lead, Thallium, Thorium, Gadolinium
  • Mineral Ratio’s
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Physiology function – prediction of body system health 

This is a quantitative analytical method of measuring the absorption or the optical density of a chemical.

It is based on the principle of absorption, transmission or reflection of light by the chemical compounds over a certain wavelength range.

Spectrophotometry is used in many areas : chemicals, pharmaceuticals, environment, food, biology, medical / clinical, industrial and others.

In the medical field, spectrophotometry is used to examine blood or tissue.

How does it work?

The Oli go scan is a reliable and scientifically proven tool..

A set of tests and comparative studies have been made by researchers highlighting a correlation between the results of the Oli go scan and those performed in the laboratory.

  • Patient’s physiological data is entered
  • Patient dermis is scanned by spectrometry
  • Oli go scan application processes and analyses data
  • Data is sent and stored on a secure server, allowing for further monitoring
  • Results are available on your computer / tablet
Heavy Metal, Vitamin & Mineral Tests are $150

*Scan’s are performed as part of Naturopathic assessments and are included in the cost of your consultation.



THYROFLEX - Advanced Thyroid Testing

“Only 18% of your Thyroid hormones are present in your blood at any one time, so a blood test is an incomplete assessment of your Thyroid health”

The patented Thyroflex, is a TGA approved medical device developed by Dr. Darryl Turner of Nitek, which uses a non-invasive approach to test, diagnose and manage thyroid conditions, by assessing the Reflexes, resting metabolic rate and thyroid symptoms to accurately determine thyroid health. 

If you answer yes to ANY of the following, your Thyroid needs additional investigation & treatment…

• Do you struggle with low energy, weight gain, poor memory & concentration, brain fog, achey joints, digestive problems, low libido, hair loss, constipation, sensitivity to the cold, irregular or heavy periods?

• Have you ever had Glandular Fever aka Epstein Barr Virus?

• Did your Doctor only test TSH?

• Do you have a family history of Alzheimers Disease?

• Do you have a family history of Thyroid problems?

• Do you feel awful after consuming Gluten?
Too many men and women are told ‘their thyroid health is normal’ based on simple blood tests….

But here’s why your Dr’s Thyroid assessment is likely inconclusive….

• Did they test the entire Thyroid Panel: TSH, T4, T3, Thyroid Antibodied, Reverse T3?

• Did they physically examine & palpate the Thyroid to check size & nodules?

•Did you undertake a comprehensive thyroid symptom assessment?

• Did they test your Iodine levels?

YOU’RE NOT CRAZY, if your gut feeling is that you, that you have an underactive Thyroid, then chances are you do, trust your intuition & your connection with your body, your hormones don’t lie!

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