Sunshine Coast Clinic


Located on the Sunshine Coast, Naturopath Stacey Foat is a degree qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist with over 10 years clinical experience.

Through her own personal diagnosis of Poly cystic ovarian disease, premature ovarian failure, adrenal fatigue and hormonal acne, all of which Stacey successfully overcame, she now offers specialized treatment plans to assist men and women in all hormone related conditions.

Find out more about Stacey’s personal health journey here.

Stacey’s experience, qualifications and specialties include:

Nutritional therapy

Weight loss

Herbal Medicine

Quantum Reflex Analysis

The Emotional Freedom Technique

Body Consciousness/Kinesiology

Oligoscan – Heavy metal and Mineral Analysis

Initial Naturopathic Consultation $250, 75 minutes 

*private health rebates available for those with health insurance


Full Health Assessment

Oligoscan – Heavy Metal, Mineral & Vitamin Analysis Test

Bioenergetic Frequency Healing (what is bioenergetic healing?)

Live Blood Analysis


Diet Assessment

Professional Practitioner Prescription

From your session, Stacey will create a personalized treatment program which includes an eating plan, personalized lifestyle recommendations, professional supplement prescription and the opportunity to access adequate follow up treatment.

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