All natural, high-grade, practitioner formulated, nutrition nal and herbal supplements designed by Naturopath & Nutritionist Stacey Foat to support health and hormone balance treatment. All the essentials for women’s hormone balance—from hormone balancing tea to hormone balancing supplements. Hormone balancing is one way to stabilise your body’s operating system by having the right amount of hormones at a given time. As women, you have to check your estrogen and progesterone levels regularly. Too much or too little amount of hormones, or any hormonal imbalance, can have an impact on your overall health. You are prone to suffer from illnesses and diseases if you are not able to have the right balance of hormones.

Achieving hormonal balance involves lifestyle change. Change your diet, increasing nutrients and protein intake. Drink lots of water and get the right amount of exercise. Avoid stress! Stress is one of the biggest causes of hormonal imbalance among women. So “Me Time” is very important. And of course, let our products help you achieve hormone balance! Our product comes with a detailed description of recommended uses, ingredients, and dosage instructions.

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