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Liver Love | Fat Burning & Detoxification Support | 60 caps


Traditionally used for:

  • Supporting & cleansing the liver
  • Improving fat burning & metabolism
  • Stimulating digestion & aiding bloating, gas, indigestion & constipation
  • Cleansing the blood & Kidney’s
  • Supporting congested skin
Milk Thistle 70: 1 100mg equiv.7000mg
Dandelion root 10:1 1000mg equiv.1000mg
Globe Artichoke 25:1 50mg equiv. 1250mg
Schisandra 10:1 25 mg equiv. 250 mg
Inositol 50mg
Choline 50mg
Taurine 50mg
Glycine 50mg
Traditionally Used for:
Liver Love is a comprehensive formula that contains St Mary’s thistle to support healthy liver function and digestion.
• St Mary’s thistle, a herb well-known for its liver protection activity.• Dandelion is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to support liver health and relieve symptoms of indigestion.
• Globe Artichoke is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine for its choleretic properties.• Schisandra is traditionally used to support liver health in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
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