Give your baby the best possible start to life by preparing your body for a safe healthy pregnancy. Prepare Me the program, gently cleanses your body of toxins, balances hormones and boosts your nutritional status, perfectly preparing the body for the pregnancy miracle.

Your program includes an easy to follow meal guide and supportive tips of how to best plan for pregnancy for the most enjoyable gestational period, which minimises your risk of pregnancy complications, weight gain and pregnancy blues. Gluten free.


  • Prepare your body for a perfect pregnancy
  • Naturopathic guidance on how to best prepare for pregnancy
  • Gentle preconception cleanse protocol
  • Pregnancy Nutrition Education
  • List of investigations to have done – blood tests & how to interpret these
  • Online Education Portal – video\’s, cleanse instructions,downloads and actionable steps
  • Eating plan + shopping list + Recipes
  • 6 key Balanced Babes Supplements for perfect preconception health


CleanseME, KleanseME, ReleaseME, RestoreME, RegenerateME & RepairME

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