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Have you stopped to consider how 24/7 exposure to 5G and Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is affecting you and your family? 

We are bombarded daily by a complex mix of EMR emanating from 5G, Wi-Fi, digital TV’s, Smart Meters, electrical radiation from appliances, power lines and more in our living and working environments.

Did you know?…. We can be exposed to OVER 30 DIFFERENT TYPES of veritable or measurable EMR fields, both known and unknown. Constant exposure to strong electromagnetic forces which create unhealthy energetic conditions may result in mild to major health consequences.

How does the Geoclense® work?

The Geoclense® resin block, called Orgonium® which is unique and exclusive to Orgone Effects® Australia, is a man-made smart crystal formulation which has been frequency infused to produce a healthy negative charge.  This negative charge frequency is carried by the electrical wiring to appliances that create EMF which all have a positive charge; the harmful component of ANY radiation field.  The negative charge from the Geoclense® “neutralizes” or “harmonizes” the positive charge, thus making ALL EMF fields no longer harmful to the human meridian system and organs. 

The Geoclense® also has an earth pin which sends the negative charge directly into the ground to the boundaries of the property to neutralize all harmful Earth Radiation which causes Geopathic stress in the body.

The Geoclense® has been uniquely programmed to neutralize up to 30 different types of EMF, Earth Radiation and Bioplasmic Radiation.  Geoclenes® works very much like a salt lamp does, which creates a \’small\’ harmonized field around the lamp with a negative charge.  However, the Geoclense® is effective throughout the whole house and to the boundaries of a property, and in some cases, has a beneficial effect over two or three properties, depending on their size.

The Geoclense® represents 20 years of Intuitive Building Biology Consultancy experience and an intricate and advanced knowledge of the types of harmful electromagnetic fields which may exist within a given space.  The Geoclense® has evolved to be much more than a powerful electrical, 5G and Wi-Fi radiation harmonizer. Over the years, due to our ongoing EMR research beyond the normal, there have been so many more built-in programs added that deal with negative energy imprints; things that you are often not aware of, however, which may be affecting your emotional well-being and ultimately your long-term health.

Neutralizes over 30 noxious EMR fields unique to buildings in the home and workplace.

The Geoclense® is a healthy, negative charge resonance field generator designed to balance the noxious, unhealthy positive charge resonance created by 5G and all forms of EMR, RF, Wi-Fi, Earth Radiation and Bioplasmic Radiation.

Weight 197 kg
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