Colon Cleanse | Complete Gut Restoration Protocol


Traditionally Used to treat: 

  • Digestive Bloating and discomfort
  • Brain fog
  • Congested Skin
  • Low energy & Mood
  • Poor Digestion
  • Inability to lose weight effectively
  • Dysbiotic flora overgrowth
  • Parasites
  • Food Intolerances

When Restoring the Digestive System and treating any of the above symptoms or situations it is important that ALL elements of the digestive system:

The Dysbiotic flora and parasite infection

The lack of digestive secretions

The leaky gut

The imbalanced microflora

The congestion of the colon

The toxicity and sluggishness of the liver

All of this can be done safely and effectively with the Balanced Babes Complete Digestive Restoration protocol.


The Complete Colon Cleanse & Gut Restoration Protocol 

Includes: CleanseME Colon Cleanse powder, DetoxME, liver detoxification support, ClearME Anti-parasitic formula, ShieldME, Biofilm break down & heavy metal detoxification, DigestME Digestive stimulation, RestoreME broad spectrum probiotic, Enema Kit

  • Instructional Videos
  • Eating Plan & Protocol Manual

Total Value: $308 save $28 

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