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Is Oestrogen Dominance ruining your life?


Is Oestrogen Dominance ruining your life?

Oestrogen dominance is certainly fast becoming one of the latest \’health or rather poor health trends\’ right behind leaky gut, it seems like every 2nd woman you talk to is suffering any number of the really common and really debilitating symptoms: weight gain or weight that won\’t shift, horrible PMS, premenstrual headaches or migraines, acne, emotional ups and downs, heavy painful periods, inability to conceive, Endometriosis, Fibroids, PCOS, the list goes on and on, so why are we all suffering? 

Whats the deal with Oestrogen dominance?

The first most important thing I need to point out  is that, although all these associated conditions are really common and every woman seems to suffer from one or more of these issues at some point throughout her reproductive journey, they are absolutely not normal. Common, as in frequently occurring, yes, but that doesn\’t mean you should just accept them because you are a woman!

The second thing worth noting  – oestrogen dominance is completely reversible, you can do this safely, naturally without surgery (laparoscopy), without the oral contraceptive pill and NO, oestogen dominance and all it\’s associated mayhem does not mean \’you are unlikely to ever conceive naturally\’ like far too many woman are told by their GP\’s and Gynecologists!

So what is Oestrogen Dominance exactly?

Like the name implies, when our oestrogen levels are dominating the pack they throw out the overall balance of your hormones. When oestrogen dominates it generally creates symptoms of low progesterone, irrespective of whether or not your progesterone levels are low, but if it is being completely out numbered our overall hormonal balance will  be affected. Further more this dominating oestrogen is often due to external, proliferative, inflammatory sources of oestrogen (exogenous) which causes inflammation and stimulates tissue growth……hello thickening of the uterus lining and Endometriosis, pain and cramping, heavy bleeding,  the growth of cysts on the ovaries, changes to cervical cells and oestrogen related tumor growth within our breasts. None of which are good and all are completely avoidable.

However simply labeling Oestrogen good or bad is a bit too simplified, because there are hundreds of different types of oestrogens all which play their role in hormonal balance and reproductive health, some which are good, but bad if in too higher amounts, some which are bad, but should be harmless and easily excreted if the system is working properly. It is for this reason we must not focus on good vs bad, (there\’s too much grey area in the classification of good vs bad oestrogens) and go straight to the underlying causes of Oestrogen dominance.

The Factors which influence Oestrogen dominance

There are many factors which impair the bodies ability to metabolize or recycle hormones and maintain the correct amount of hormones required in that individual, these can affect any of the bodies hormones, which include over 50 different hormones, not limited to the common reproductive hormones. The thyroid, Adrenal glands, digestive system and immune system all rely heavily on hormonal activity for the body to function and stay healthy. So let\’s take a look……

  •  Sluggish liver function which is unable to keep up with the metabolism and effective removal of excess hormones,
  • Poor GIT micro-flora
  • A Congested Bowel
  • Use of the Oral contraceptive pill, HRT  and other synthetic hormone pharmaceutical products
  • Chronic Stress
  • Underlying infection
  • Presence of the MTHFR Gene mutation
  • Consumption of Non organic meats and dairy products 
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Nutritional deficiencies 
  • Consumption of Alcohol
  • Exposure to plastics and other harmful chemicals 
  • Regular use of non-organic cosmetics containing chemical endocrine disruptors
  • Adrenal burn out
  • Diet lacking in Green leafy vegetables 
  • Frequent pregnancies, more than one pregnancy within a 2 year period including miscarriages
  • Genetics, family history of breast or cervical cancer

Reversing Oestrogen Dominance

Yes! Absolutely it can be done, but no long term change can ever come about in the body unless we address the driving factors creating the dominance in the first place. This takes time, this is a lifestyle choice which involves correcting the diet, making better choices as to which personal care products we use, adding exercise to our routine, healing the gut, supporting the immune system, detoxing the body, supplementing with the right functional food & nutritional supplements. The whole process requires steps, it\’s like doing a jig saw, you can\’t leave out pieces and except the puzzle to be completed and that\’s why when addressing oestrogen dominance you must support the body as a whole and merely using a blanket approach like taking medication or having surgery to address the \’symptoms\’ of the oestrogen dominance will only have you back at square one sooner or later down the track. The human body is amazing, there\’s not much it can\’t overcome, no matter how long you\’ve been experiencing your symptoms, it\’s all treatable, it\’s just a matter of addressing the issues collectively so that the body can heal itself and re-balance it\’s hormones. Taking short cuts in this domain would be like filling a bucket with water that has a leak in it, you will get some short term relief but ultimately the problem will continue to return and the scariest part about that is the long term effects of oestrogen dominance. Breast cancer now affects 1 in 8 women, far too many families are suffering with this nasty, yet preventable disease, so it\’s important to empower yourself with the knowledge of prevention and share it with all your female friends, together we are stronger.

Stacey Foat 

Hormone Specialist


Become a Balanced Babe – Join our Tribe: https://www.facebook.com/groups/balancedbabes4life/


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