Take control of your life with this vital hormone guide that will help you understand more about what’s happening to your body.  Hormones have a lot to do with how we, as women, function. More than just getting acquainted with the hormones we have; this happy hormone guide lets you know how hormones help us with our body function. This hormone balance book also teaches you how to achieve hormone harmony, among other things.


Every Woman’s Guide to Hormone Harmony & the 7 Step Hormone Healing System


This is not just another ‘health kick’…..this is a wake up call. All around the world, the mainstream medical system is failing women. Suppressing our natural cycle with synthetic hormones, cutting out wombs unnecessarily and leaving women completely disconnected, broken and hurting. Infertility rates continue to soar, the incidence of breast cancer rising every year & women continue to suffer. We live in an era where ‘period pain’ is considered normal and although there’s more awareness than ever around common female reproductive disorders, like Endometriosis and Poly cystic ovarian syndrome, women are being sucked into the blame game, leaving them feeling more powerless than ever.

This book is about YOU.

YOU taking a stand for your health.

YOU healing your own body.

You taking responsibility and learning to listen to the messages our hormones are giving us. It’s about taking back your power and no longer expecting your GP, Gynecologist or Endocrinologist to fix you! When we take responsibility, we take back our power and only then can we start to heal our bodies. In this 7 Step Healing System, Stacey teaches you how to tune into your body and identify the warning signals as well as mapping out the exact steps you need to take to help your hormones exist harmoniously and prevent disease and discomfort in the female body.


At age 27, Stacey was told she’d started menopause with no explanation as to why. Under the mainstream medical model, she was just one of the ‘unlucky ones’ and the only advice given was to try and conceive as soon as possible. After gaining 8kg in 6 weeks, experiencing hot flushes, brain fog, exhaustion, irregular, heavy periods and cystic acne Stacey plummeted into a deep depression of self-loathing and personal rejection. This was when she stopped blaming her hormones and started listening to them instead.  “So with my big girl panties on, I set out for answers and started the quest to reconnect with my body. With a radical shift in personal perception and some old school natural therapies I was able to completely reverse my symptoms within 6-9 months.”

Still symptom-free and living in ‘balance’, Stacey resides on the Sunshine Coast, Australia and is the mother of a beautiful 3 year old who she conceived naturally despite being told this would never be possible. Her mission is to end women’s suffering by bridging the gap between conventional medicine and natural therapies and to empower and educate women to enjoy balanced happy lives in hormone harmony.

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