myDNA Full Comprehensive Genetic Test Kit + Consultation


myDNA Comprehensive Health Test + Consultation (phone) + Personalized Treatment Plan, Health & Lifestyle Plan 

  • Test includes 92 genes
  • At home Test kit delivered to your door
  • Non -invasive Salivary Test kit
  • Price includes Postage and return postage for your Kit
  • Results are emailed to you upon processing
  • 1 hour Phone or Zoom (video) consultation with Naturopath & Hormone Specialist Stacey Foat to go over your results in full details, answer all questions
  • Personalized Treatment plan and individualized Health and Lifestyle program for you

Upon purchase you will be contacted for additional contact for your  Date of Birth, required for a test kit. Alternatively you may note this in the Notes/Delivery instructions for your order. Once the results have been returned for your Test Stacey will contact you to schedule your 1: 1 Phone appointment. 

This Comprehensive Health Report covers an extensive list of 92 genes.


Stacey Foat is a registered, qualified Nutrigenomics Practitioner, who will go over your results with you, answer all questions and take a health assessment which is then used in conjunction with your Genetic results to map out a personalized Treatment plan and recommended lifestyle and wellness schedule to follow for optimal health, disease preventing and longevity. 

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