Balance Me Basic Balance


***Due to current supply issues due to Covid-19 delays, ReleaseME is temporarily unavailable until further notice and will be substituted in our packages with Balanced Babes: DetoxMe, a similar product which supports liver detoxification, hormone balancing and nourishment of the body. Learn more about DetoxME

The DIY version of our most popular hormone balancing program, designed for women of all ages, to rebalance hormones and protect their bodies against the long-term dangers of Endocrine disorders.

Your program includes access to the online Balance Me Hormone healing program, a 12-week hormone balancing program with full video tutorials and education


  • The Complete 7 Step Hormone Healing System
  • 7 Naturopathically designed Supplements to balance your hormones
  • Supportive Facebook Group
  • Online learning modules
  • 12 week DIY hormone balancing program


7 step healing system supplement regime – ClearME, RegenerateME, FlushME, HealME, ReleaseME, BalanceME & RestoreME

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