Renewing The Relationship with Your Hormones

The 4 Stages of the Menstrual Cycle

Menses – Winter

Follicular Phase – Spring

Ovulation – Summer

Luteal Phase – Autumn


Self-Awareness is the first crucial step to developing a solid connection with your body, your hormones and your intuition. It means we are in tune with how we are feeling, why we are feeling things and the effect we are having on others. It’s about observing our bodies and starting to notice the effect our environment, people, food choices and our day-to-day activities make us feel emotionally and physically.

Daily check-ins through journaling and simply pausing for long enough in any moment to ask yourself how you are feeling is the best way to build your ‘self-awareness’ muscle. It’s a process and it will get easier and easier and the more you consciously choose to observe your thoughts, feels and physical body reactions.

Emotional Check-in

“How am I feeling?”

It’s as simple as asking that question on repeat through out the day.

Self-Awareness is the first step to creating a change in your life

Start Tracking Your Cycle

If you have not already started this, download anyone of the MANY free apps on your smart phone and start charting

“To Feel is to be human”


Daily Journal Prompt

Get in the habit of journaling every day, anytime of the day. This is a simple tool for starting to recognize and acknowledge your feelings so we are not just ‘sleep walking’ through life and simply going through the motions.


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