Working with your Doctor

Working with your Doctor

It’s really important that we have at the very least some general pathology done so that we can ensure your body is in the best possible nutritional state to allow healing to occur! 

Unfortunately working with GP’s can be a frustrating experience, they do not view the body or disease the same way a natural therapist does and often do not see the purpose in extensive testing.

The best case scenario it would be great to have your GP test you for the following tests if you have not already had these tested in the last 6 months:

TSH, Thyroid antibodies, Thyroid receptor antibodies, Urinary iodine, Vitamin D, *MTHFR gene mutation, Homocysteine, Iron studies & B12, red blood cell zinc, Viral panel – Denghi fever, Ross River, Epstein Barr Virus, Barmah Forrest Virus, Cytomegalovirus, Shingles

*The MTHFR gene mutation test will determine your level of heavy metal associated inflammation & toxicity and as a result your methylation status.
These defects is also a key issue associated with depression and mental health, cancer, auto-immunity and oestrogen related diseases and it is important to rule these out or treat accordingly, when we know what we are dealing with, within your individual system it is much quicker and easier to formulate a treatment protocol which will ensure your long-term health. This is something I can refer you for around $50-60 but sometimes your GP will do this via Medicare and bulk bill you so it’s best to ask them first if you are going.

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