Suppressed Immunity

Treating Auto-Immunity Conditions

Targeting the Causes of Auto-Immunity

As we are addressing the body systemically, as a whole and not merely targeting symptoms the treatment process is longer due to our gentle and supportive approach to completely reboot your immune system.

The 4 major drivers of Auto-immune diseases are:

  • Systemic or GIT Infection – a chronic microbial infection, bacteria, viral or even candida (yeast), mould or parasitic which has been flying under the radar in your body for most likely a very long time. It may be asymptomatic or have been a previous serious infection at some point in your life. This microbial invasion is however contributing to a depleted immune system and robbing the body of vital nutrients
  • Damage Gastro-intestinal Tract – The GIT stems from the mouth to the anus and contains literally billions of beneficial living bacteria which play an extremely important role in boosting the immune system, assisting with fighting off foreign microbial invasions, digestion and much, much more. When these symbiotic bacteria become depleted the immune system is compromised as well as digestion becoming erratic. Irritated or ulcerated lining of the GIT leads to poor absorption of nutrients and long term nutritional deficiencies. Additionally sluggish liver and gall bladder function lead to an accumulation of waste and toxins within the system and sluggish digestion, resulting in constipation (and at times diarrhea) which further increases the acidity and toxicity of your body.
  • Chronic Stress – when the flight and fight response is activated, the adrenal glands basically go into panic mode, start releasing lots of stress chemicals which bring about fast action, to help you out of the ‘tricky’ situation, but if the stress response is triggered to readily and to regularly it is very taxing on the body and leads to lots of inflammation and irritation to the body in general including the gut health and the immune system.
  • Heavy Metal Toxicity – We are exposed to a large range of heavy metals over our lifetimes from the environment, pharmaceutical medications, water supply, heavily sprayed foods including non-organic meats and vegetables, vaccines and household chemicals and cosmetics. We have a filtration and detoxification system in place, utilising the kidneys and liver especially, however very often our body cannot keep up with the removal, gene defects affecting liver pathways and other health and environmental factors can lead to under active liver and kidneys which will lead to an accumulation of heavy metals in our system. These heavy metals contribute to further irritation and damage of the GIT but also ‘scrambling’ of the cellular DNA (cell brain) and disruption of the immune cells, leading to a confused immune system which can then create the ‘auto-immune’ response.

Major Treatment Processes:

Stage 1: Eradicate underlying systemic infection

Stage 2: Heal and re-inoculate the gut microbiome

Stage 3: Support the Stress response & heal Adrenal function

Stage 4: Detoxification of heavy metals

Please note Stage 1 and 2 are undertaken interchangeably

Functional Pathology Recommendation

Comprehensive Stool Analysis

This is A MUST if you have an auto-immune disorder. 

  • The CSA Test is approx $460, performed by Doctors Data. 

The Complete Stool Analysis Test is a functional pathology test which is extremely comprehensive and identifies all infections and microbial overgrowths which contribute to leaky gut, poor immunity, digestive disturbances and so on. It will pick up microbes which often go unnoticed in the general medicare covered stool analysis test including highly resistance strains of bacteria and parasites.

Additionally this test will indicate: inflammatory bowel disease (without the need for a colonoscopy), healthy bacteria (probiotics), digestive secretions, short chain fatty acid production, leaky gut, health of the GALT – gut associated lymphoid tissue (associated with food intolerances and heavy metal toxicity), pH of the stool and general digestive track

This is a highly recommended test for anyone suffering from all long term, debilitating chronic digestive illness, auto-immunity or long term immune supression or someone who has unfortunately already progressed into a state of chronic disease ie auto-immune conditions, being the most common.

 Please contact your mentor if you would like to embark on the Auto-immune Treatment Protocol 

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