Supporting Detoxification

Supporting Detoxification

Be Kind to Yourself

Rest, rest, rest, rest and rest some more! The first week of a serious detox can be rough for some people, which means you need to slow down and take care. Don’t try and over do it at the gym, in fact take the week off! You will need to sleep more than normal, so turn the alarm clock off, even take a sickie at work if you can! You need to give your body the best chance to remove as many toxins as possible so that you can balance those hormones quickly and effectively, so be kind to yourself over the next 30 days and especially in the first week, when your body is getting used to the dietary changes and the lack of coffee. sugar or alcohol.

Set Milestones & Reward Yourself

At the end of each week, reward yourself with something awesome! In fact reward yourself after every single day if it helps you get through the early days where you may be struggling to come to terms with your lack of coffee

Here’s a few ideas of what you might like to gift yourself

  • A relaxation massage
  • Buy yourself a new dress
  • Bake/create yourself a raw food detox friendly dessert
  • Go and see a movie
  • Give yourself a facial (organic products)
  • Take a mental health day (sickie) at work and spend the day at the beach
  • Phone someone who makes you laugh
  • Watch a movie that makes you laugh

Have an Intervention Plan up your Sleeve

What is your poison, what are you going to miss the most while on your hormone balancing detox?

If its coffee, experiment with a new hot beverage that you can enjoy and look forward too instead of Coffee.

If its alcohol, play around with a yummy mocktail that you can sip on instead of that glass of wine

If its sugar, get creative with the Healthy Sweet treats pinterest board.

The point is, have a back up plan, have something you can reach for in the times when you may be feeling weak. Don’t set yourself up to fail, empower yourself by having a plan of attack, it doesn’t matter how much will power you have, I guarantee you it will be tested at some point, so make sure you know the traps to avoid, it might mean cancelling your usual social digs temporarily if you know that particular friend will talk you into having a wine at your dinner catch up. It might mean changing your usual cafe so that you can purchase a coffee free alternative, it might even mean stocking the pantry up with organic dairy free chocolate, just so that you have a health option to turn too when you get that chocolate craving.

Be one step ahead and the next 30 days will fly!!!!

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