Healthy Action Plan: Coffee Enemas

Healthy Action Plan: Coffee Enemas

I introduced you to the concept of Enemas earlier in this module but now it’s time to get serious! 

And for good reason, I feel very passionate about the health benefits of Enemas and if you feel like giving them a go, I couldn’t highly recommend this more! 

So What’s the deal with a Coffee Enema Specifically?

These are the most heavy duty detox specific type of enemas in my opionion because of the Coffee which in addition the the general Enema benefits will also:

  • Stimulates the liver to product Glutathione a potent anti-oxidant and immune boosting amino acid
  • Triggers the Gall bladder to release more bile to deepen the detoxification process 
  • Highly recommended by the Gerson Institute for the supportive treatment for natural healing of cancer.

So if you have already started doing Enemas – excellent, you’re a legend, if you’ve still been a bit shy and unsure, that’s ok, I get it, it’s weird, but think about how amazing your skin could look and how great you’ll feel once your hormones are balanced? Enemas are a short cut to health and healing and I personally couldn’t live without my weekly enemas! 

If you are up for the Challenge
During your 4 week Detox Protocol we recommend doing 2-3 coffee Enemas a week, to enhance the detoxification effect of stage 2. 

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