Detox Supplements

Detox Supplements


ReleaseME: Anti-oxidant, alkalising formula to clear oestrogen dominance

1 tsp daily, mixed with water

Duration: Approx. 30 days supply

ReleaseME is primarily composed of sprouted broccoli extract, which is naturally high in DIM which serves as a potent oestrogen clearer to assist with the elimination harmful, dangerous proliferative oestrogen and balance the hormone. It also works by repairing DNA, flooding the body with antioxidants and real food nutrition to improve energy levels, support liver detoxification, heal and reduce inflammation.

HealME: Anti-inflammatory, soothing detoxification & digestive support

Dose: 1 tsp, twice daily, mixed with a little water, before meals, taken on an empty stomach. 

Duration: Approx 30 days

HealME is the perfect accompanying product to ReleaseME for the ‘cleanse’ stage of your program due to the gentle laxative and bowel flushing herbs and nutrients which increase bowel motility to ensure you have a smooth release on a daily basis, in fact it would be ideal if you are moving your bowels at least twice a day, through this detoxification process.

This product is designed to help soothe and heal the GIT lining and gut, especially the colon, the safe elimination of toxins from the body is compromised if the gut integrity is damaged or leaky so the slippery elm in this product helps to provide a healthy coating through the GIT.  HealME also contains the herbs Licorice, oats and passionflower which provide a calming, healing anti-inflammatory effect on the digestive system which is the perfect follow up to your stage one flush.  


This is an OPTIONAL recommendation, if you want to really step up your detoxification and get the most out of the next 4 weeks and really maximise your results! 
So here is the protocol. 

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