Dealing with Parasites

Dealing with Parasites

Common signs you may have a Parasite:

  • You have an explained constipation, diarrhoea, gas, or other symptoms of IBS
  • You travelled internationally and remember getting traveller’s diarrhoea while abroad
  • You have a history of food poisoning and your digestion has not been the same since.
  • You have trouble falling asleep, or you wake up multiple times during the night.
  • You get skin irritations or unexplained rashes, hives, rosacea or eczema.
  • You grind your teeth in your sleep.
  • You have pain or aching in your muscles or joints.
  • You experience fatigue, exhaustion, depression, or frequent feelings of apathy.
  • You never feel satisfied or full after your meals.
  • You’ve been diagnosed with iron-deficiency anaemia.
  • You have a thick coating on your tongue

The most thorough way to determine whether or not you have a parasite is to have a stool test done by your GP, however, the standard pathology procedures are not always thorough enough to pick up all parasites, which some species have become very clever at flying under the radar. If you have been experiencing long term digestive problems, can link symptoms beginning to when you were travelling overseas or had a gastro infections then you may want to consider a comprehensive Stool analysis test (see details below) for a more thorough check for parasites and resistant GIT infections and a general health evaluation of the entire digestive tract.

ACTION –  Parasite Infections

If you suspect you have a parasite intestinal dysbiosis which has not been completely eradicated by your stage 1 supplements you may want to consider the following:

  • Undertake the a 2nd course of stage 1 supplements/Balanced Babes Parasite Cleanse protocol, a potent combination of anti-parasitic herbs, bowel cleansing and liver support. 
  • Take 1 clove of garlic 3 times per day, after eating (full tummy). Just be warned you will have killer garlic breathe
  • Garlic Enemas (download instructions available in your PDF section)

Healthy Action Step: Garlic Enemas

Garlic Enemas

Why would you perform a Garlic Enema?

These enemas are amazing if you suspect you have a parasite or bacterial overgrowth within your system! 

How to Prepare a Garlic Enema!

Crush 1-2 cloves and leave them to soak in a glass jar of water approx. (300ml or less) overnight. Cover with a lid and leave on the bench (room temp, don’t put in the fridge) 

Then when you are ready to perform your enema, simply strain off the garlic so you are left only with the liquid. Add warm water until you reach your desired amount for your enema kit (300-1000ml depending how experienced you are). Make sure the solution is about body temperature, not too hot to burn you and not too cold or you won’t be able to retain it for long enough. 

Perform your enema and hold the garlic solution for up to 15 minutes then expel.  

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