Dealing with Menopause

Dealing with Menopause


9/10 women who suffer with shocking menopause symptoms do so because of an underlying stressor in the body which is wearing down the immune system and therefore triggering the adrenal glands into panic mode!! This is so often an underlying virus which has most likely been plaquing your system for many years often 20 years or more, but even though you may not have been getting any active ‘viral’ symptoms the virus has most likely berried itself deeper into the body, like into your spleen liver or central nervous system and creating the common symptoms – sciatic pain, joint aches, lower back pain, muscle aching, tiredness, fatigue, muscle weakness, brain fog, anxiety, depression, hot flushes, weight gain – these are all very similar to classic menopause symptoms, the two often go hand in hand so if you have ever had a virus that you can remember i.e. Epstein barr virus (glandular fever), shingles, genital herpes, ross river fever, cytomegalovirus, hepatitis, chicken pox, pneumonia, or so on, then it is IMPERICAL that you address this virus or your adrenals, thyroid and health will never recover properly and chances are you will go on to be diagnosed with something like Multiple sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Colitis or some other nasty auto-immune disease.


  • Support, nurture and nourish the Adrenal Glands

This means – finding ways to reduce and manage your stress levels, slowing down, not burning the candle at both ends, resting, sleeping more, not over doing it with intense exercise, eating really nourishing nutritive dense foods

  • Correct your Diet

No more crash dieting, loading up on fake synthetic diet bars or shakes, avoiding nutrition less foods like – breads and avoiding dense heavy and hard to digest animal proteins like dairy products and meat.

  • Investigate Your Thyroid health

See Week 7 for the full run down on your thyroid and how to bring it back to life.

  • Treat the underlying Viral infection

If you know you have had a virus in the past, Start the Moment 4 Life Anti-Viral Treatment protocol ASAP as you will see below. If you are unsure, see your GP and DEMAND (in a nice way so they agree, just don’t take no for an answer) a blood test to screen you for all the common Viruses – remember past exposure also counts as an active infection, its just the virus is no longer in your blood stream, it’s now living in and destroying a vital organ!!!

RevitalizeME Thyroid and Adrenal tonic to boost mood, emotional well being and energy levels. The perfect tonic to support you through menopause related discomfort. Must be avoided in HYPER-ACTIVE (over active) thyroid disease or Graves disease.

MagME – This pleasant tasting Magnesium formulation is designed specifically to support and restore the adrenal glands and healthy hormone regulation, based on the addition of Vitamin B6, Selenium, Chromium and other supportive nutrients.

Vitamin E – always ensure you choose a mixed tocopherols form of Vitamin E and steer clear of synthetic versions of vitamin E. We recommend Metagenics Vitamin E capsules

Metagenics: O Lift A herbal combination including nourishing herbs to support adrenal function, balance hormones and specifically treat hot flushes. See the Naturopathic Dispensary for more information and to order.

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