Could You Have a Virus?

Could You Have a Virus?

If you are unsure whether or not you have ever been been infected by a Virus, it might be a good idea to see a GP and get tested, even though this has it’s limitations, which I will explain later.

Viruses grow only in living cells i.e. humans, animals mostly and these sneaky little devils cause disease by destroying the cells they infect – this includes pretty much all and any cells in the human body, which is why they can present with such varied symptoms – they attack the liver, the blood, nerves, skin, our eye tissue, absolutely anything!!! And they do a really good job at damaging our immune system and changing the genetic material, aka DNA of the cells in which they inhabitant, causing inflammation which in turn causes damage to the overall system.

Some of the most common virus are things like, influenza, HIV, cold sores, Genital herpes, Genital warts, chicken pox, measles and even some types of cancers are viral related, at present our medical system is able to test for the following viruses, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have other forms of viruses, which is why testing for such viruses is limited and often means many peoples viral infections go undetected for many many years and eventually get diagnosed with something else or they develop into something else even more serious.

I personally do not believe in auto-immunity, the body does not just accidently or mistakenly start turning on itself and attacking it’s own tissue, there is ALWAYS an underlying infection, in conjunction with heavy metals and stress which lead to the immune system failing. I believe it is always an underlying virus or other infection which destroys the bodies tissue and not the immune system attacking itself. 

The following are tests which can be referred by your GP, but I will warn in advance, many doctors would be reluctant to test you for these unless you have active ‘acute’ symptoms, you know the usual common sick symptoms – headache, achy joints, temperature etc. so actually having these tests done will be quite difficult. If you would like these tests done, please email and we will be able to sort you out with referrals to functional pathology units, but of course these labs do charge for these tests as they are not covered by Medicare within Australia.

  • Antibody test. These are substances made by the body’s immune system to fight a specific infection, the antibodies attach themselves to an infected cell and destroy the virus.  So if you have specific antibodies to specific virus’s we can identify you have had this virus.  This is a blood test and they will pick up different types of antibodies – The presence of IgM class antibodies indicates recent infection. The presence of IgG antibodies only is indicative of past exposure. The problem with postive IgG antibodies which represent a past infection is that doctors generally dismiss the importance of a past exposure, the problem is it does not appear active because it has moved from your blood stream into an organ, primarily your liver, spleen or thyroid and is causing a different kind of havoc there, just not the acute noticeable symptoms like fever and weakness making us think we are over that virus. Think again.
  • Viral antigen detection test. Viral antigens develop on the surface of infected cells. A viral antigen detection test is done on a sample of tissue that might be infected. Specially tagged (with dye or a tracer) antibodies that attach to those viral antigens are mixed with the sample. The tagged antibodies can be seen by using a special light (or other method). If the tagged antibodies are attached to the cells, the cells are infected with the virus.
  • Viral culture. This is a test to find a virus that can cause an infection. A sample of body fluid or tissue is added to certain cells used to grow a virus. If no virus infects the cells, the culture is negative. If a virus that can cause infection infects the cells, the culture is positive. A viral culture may take several weeks to show results.
  • Viral DNA or RNA detection test. Using a sample of tissue or blood or other fluid (such as spinal fluid), this type of test looks for the genetic material (DNA or RNA) of a specific virus. This test can show the exact virus causing an infection.


9/10 women who suffer with shocking menopause symptoms do so because of an underlying stressor in the body which is wearing down the immune system and therefore triggering the adrenal glands into panic mode!! This is so often an underlying virus which has most likely been plaquing your system for many years often 20 years or more, but even though you may not have been getting any active ‘viral’ symptoms the virus has most likely berried itself deeper into the body, like into your spleen liver or central nervous system and creating the common symptoms – sciatic pain, joint aches, lower back pain, muscle aching, tiredness, fatigue, muscle weakness, brain fog, anxiety, depression, hot flushes, weight gain – these are all very similar to classic menopause symptoms, the two often go hand in hand so if you have ever had a virus that you can remember i.e. Epstein barr virus (glandular fever), shingles, genital herpes, ross river fever, cytomegalovirus, hepatitis, chicken pox, pneumonia, or so on, then it is IMPERICAL that you address this virus or your adrenals, thyroid and health will never recover properly and chances are you will go on to be diagnosed with something like Multiple sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Colitis or some other nasty auto-immune disease.

I advise you not to skip over this section without giving it some thought, and potentially some investigation, especially if you feel you have ‘phantom’ symptoms like fatigue, muscle weakness, aches or pains that come and go for no reason or any other symptom like migraines, aching joints, sciatic nerve pain, an auto-immune thyroid condition or if you have ever been told ‘its in your head, everything is fine. For those who have ever been diagnosed with more serious things like Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Inflammatory bowel disease and many more serious Auto-immune disorders then YOU MUST ADDRESS THE UNDERLYING VIRUS. You will never have balanced hormones, a healthy adrenal system or a fully functioning thyroid gland if you do not address the underlying infection, so here’s how to do it.

This is a long term protocol – don’t take it lightly, especially if you have had any of the above mentioned viral infections in the past, you still have it, it’s just lurking in the background. You will need to be on the following protocol for the next 3 – 18 months, you will know when you immune system has completely recovered, you’ll have no more fatigue, phantom pains, your hormones will be in check and you even have the ability to reverse your auto-immune disease. This is serious stuff, don’t underestimate the importance of a healthy immune system when it comes to balancing your hormones.


Herbal Medicine

This is by far the most targeted and potent way to fight the virus and rebuild the immune system, the added benefits of herbal medicine is that we can address other aspects of your health at the same time as herbs have many targeted actions which promote good health. I have put together this formulation which you can order from the Naturopathic Dispensary or have a herbalist in your local area formulate for you. I recommend:

Licorice Root: Anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, plus aids the adrenal glands and helps balance the body’s level of cortisol and cortisone.

Elderberry: Anti-viral and strengthens the immune system, breaks down mucus and controls excess sweating.

Cats Claw: Potent anti-viral herb which supports the immune system and eradicates underlying strep A & strep B infections which build up when the immune system is worn down by a virus. These strep infections often present as reoccurring throat or urinary tract infections.

Red Clover: Cleanses the liver, flushes the lymphatic system and spleen of neurotoxins and supports healthy oestrogen regulation and helps to flush excess hormones which are being stored in organs.

Lemon Balm: Anti-viral & anti-bacterial, Strengthens the immune system and supports the nervous system. Also supports the Thyroid gland and calms the body. Useful for stress and tension.

Dose: 7.5ml, twice daily, diluted with a little water or juice.

Colloidal Silver – Kills bacteria, viruses and other microbes upon contact, a potent natural antibiotic which can be used as a safer alternative to pharmaceutical antibiotics which suppress the immune system and lace your body with aluminum, a harmful heavy metal which leads to neuro-toxicity.

L-Lysine – aim to take 3000-6000mg daily, unless there is a pre-existing kidney disease. This amino acid impairs the ability of the virus to reproduce.

Zinc – Kills viruses, boosts the immune system and helps to protect the endocrine system. Aim for 80mg daily.

Ester C – An esterified form of vitamin C which has a longer half life in your system due to its ability to store itself within fat cells, poten anti-viral properties as well as immune boosting, antioxidant etc. 

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