Action Plan: Morning Lemon Juice

Action Plan: Morning Lemon Juice

Your Weekly DIY Health activity is: Morning Lemon Drink

Benefits include:

  • Alkalizes the body
  • Stimulates digestive secretions
  • Gently boosts liver cleansing
  • Aids daily bowel motions
  • Dissolves mucus congestion
  • Provides a hit of vitamin C & antioxidants


Enjoy 2 glasses of luke warm water with the juice of 1 fresh lemon every morning. 

HINT – If you are worried about the potential acidic effect lemon juice can have on the tooth enamle if you have sensitive teeth, you can place 1 drop of Doterra Lemon essential oil in your water. Just remember Doterra is a pure, high grade food quality essential oil, most brands are not safe to consume and should not be taken internally. Or even easier, you can use a straw to drink your morning lemon juice.


Please note, the lemon juice protocol is for stage 1 only! I DO NOT RECOMMEND you continue to add lemon juice to your morning water beyond this 4 week period!
The reason being is that lemon is a very acidic fruit which creates acidity in your tissues. In respond to the acidity your pancreas responds by releasing a whole heap of enzymes which come along and buffer the acidity creating an alkaline environment. In the process this stimulates the liver to release its magic potions which can have a stimulating effect on the digestive secretions.

The problem with doing this long term is that is that it’s too much hard work on the body, and this places significant strain on the pancreas if you continue to do this ongoing. If you want to alkalize your body ongoing, use a Green powder, like ReleaseME, which you’ll be introduced to next stage. Or drink a yummy herbal tea blend such as BeautifulME, our liver cleansing, weight loss herbal tea, these are much safer in the long run and have a more profound healing effect on the body without depleting vital functions! 

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