Pelvi MEDIballs Secret Double


MEDIballs Kegel’s clinically proven design treats the cause of bladder weakness, rather than just the symptoms. Suitable for women of any age, it strengthens and re-educates weak pelvic floor muscles that control bladder function.

You begin training your pelvic floor with the MEDIball Single Kegel Weight. Simply holding MEDIballs inside the vaginal passage starts resistance training, no guesswork or tricky exercises required. After training with the MEDIballs Single you progress to the MEDIball Double Kegel Weight. This progression differs for everyone, on average most move to the MEDIballs Double after 2-3 months.


  • 1 x Pelvic floor training book (with 37 exercises)
  • 1 x MEDIball Double | Weight: 90g



  • A comfortable design that is easy to insert and wear.
  • Wear MEDIballs for 10 minutes a day to see results in 3 weeks.
  • Safe, durable & German made
  • Class 1 medical device
  • Listed with the TGA
  • Mucous membrane friendly and hypoallergenic
  • Made of 100% medical grade TPE Silikomed
  • BPA plastic and latex free
  • Recommended by Physiotherapist and General Practitioners.


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