Booty Balance 3 Day Challenge Colon Cleanse


The signature Balance Babes Booty Balance Cleanse!


Balanced Babes: CleanseME Colon Cleanse powder

Balanced Babes: Travel Enema Kit 

The 3 Day Balanced Babes Colon Cleanse Protocol

  • Juice Recipes
  • Daily Action Plan to Follow 
  • Cleanse Instructions
  • Educational Videos
  • Enema Instructions 

Access Protocol Information here:

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Imagine what you can achieve in just 3 days!

The 3 day challenge is Naturopathically designed and supported with the correct nutritional and detoxification supportive protocols in order to help you achieve maximum results in such a small amount of time

Women who have undertaken the 3 day challenge report:

  • Weight loss, typically 3-5kg in just 3 days
  • Significant reduction in fluid retention
  • Increased mental clarity and improvement in Brain fog
  • Increased energy levels
  • Unwavering self-belief and a feeling of invisibility after sticking to the 3 day plan
  • Improvement in their menstrual cycles including reduced pain and healthier menses
  • Improved attitude to eating habits and food choices
  • Dramatic reduction in bloating and uncomfortable digestive complaints

The 3 day challenge is NOT recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding, however you can undertake the 2 week slow and steady approach while breastfeeding.

Check out for the full run down, including educational and instructional video\’s, downloads and the option to UPGRADE your cleanse with optional additional liver support, parasite cleansing and probiotic gut microbiome replenishment

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