Fast track your booty gains with the online education program to help you to understand how to protect your body, balance your hormones and protect your body from disease.

Alongside the online learning module, actionable daily steps and eating plan you receive a supplement package which aids in weight loss, gentle cleansing, skin clearing and mood boosting!

Gluten free and vegan friendly.


  • Learn how to protect your body from disease
  • Cleanse your system for glowing, healthy skin
  • Renew your cells for increased vitality and energy
  • Teach your body how to lose weight
  • Balance your hormones for emotional well being

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Program includes: 

  • 6 Weekly Learning Modules with Videos & Webinars
  • 6 Weekly Action Steps with Downloadable Worksheets
  • Eating Plan
  • Secret Facebook Support Group to interact with others & ask questions to your mentor
  • Life time access to the online learning platform
  • The Balanced Babes Bootcamp Supplement Package – to accelerate the Cleanse, Fat burning & energy boosting effects of the Program

Bootcamp Supplement Package

  • FlushME – Bowel cleansing formula to flush the colon of toxins & impurities
  • ReleaseME – Alkalizing greens hormone balancing liver support
  • KleanseME – Anti-microbial gut cleansing
  • RestoreME – Broad spectrum probiotic powder
  • RevitalizeME – Adrenal herbs & minerals to boost energy, libido & vitality
  • BeautifulME – Weight loss & Skin cleansing Herbal Tea blend


For more information on the program or to book a free 15 minute chat to discuss the program in more details please see:


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