Babe Cleanse

Babe Cleanse - The Balanced Babes Liver Cleanse

Welcome to the Balanced Babes Babe Cleanse Liver Cleanse Program – A 7 Day Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Detoxification Protocol

CLEANSE is the acronym that will be followed in this regimented exercise. It stands for

C – Colon Cleansing & Clarity
L – Liver Love & Life Force
E – Enemas & Emotional Release
A – Adrenals & Awareness
N – Nutrition & Natural Skin Care
S – Steam & Self-Love
E  – Exercise & Energy

Throughout the 7 days of our liver cleanse diet plan, not only will we detoxify our body but our minds as well, ridding ourselves of all things negative. We will also use the best liver cleanse kit and other natural supplements like liver cleanse juice for this experience and guide you through the process.


Who is the Babe Cleanse for?

This easy to follow, 7 day cleanse is for anyone who is new to cleansing and wants to experiment with healthy eating and give themselves a mini challenge. We recommend more thorough styles of cleansing, like the Balanced Babes Colon Cleanse or 28 Day hormone reset if you are struggling with symptoms of hormone imbalance, like painful periods, skin break outs, weight gain, irregular cycle or headaches, but if you just want to follow something light to get you motivated and back on track the 7 day babe cleanse is a great way to dip your toe in the water!


Women of all ages


No one, this is a gentle, food based cleanse which introduces you to gentle liver cleansing practices that won’t interact with medications or chronic health conditions.

If you are unsure if this is the right cleanse for you however, please feel free to post your questions in the Balanced Babes Facebook Support group:

Or feel free to book yourself a free 20 minute chat with Stacey by following this link:

Getting Started on the Babe Cleanse

The Babe Cleanse is a 7 day transformational physical and emotional cleanse designed to regenerate the liver, cleanse the colon and support healthy hormone balance. 


Before you begin this transformational journey, let’s cover the basics:


  1. Download your materials. Take some time to read through your guide which has all the information you need about your program. It also includes the detox support tools to help reduce unwanted detox symptoms.


  1. Review your suggested meal plan. You have 7 days of suggested meals. After Phase 1 (the pre-detox/prep week) you’ll prepare foods from the suggested plan for Phase 2 (the detox and elimination phase), which is seven days long and Phase 3 (the transition phase), which is also seven days long.


  1. Create your shopping list. This is provided for you and is broken down by phase. You simply check off the boxes for the items you need to purchase. You will see meals repeated since batch cooking makes prepping for your detox easier. Cook once, eat twice!


  1. Get in the mindset of self-care, self-love, and letting go of the things that aren’t serving you.


  1. Remember there is no perfect detox. This detox is created in such a unique way that allows you to personalize it to fit your needs (i.e. adding more protein to a meal, adding snacks or swapping out meals based on your needs). Your detox may look different than someone else’s and that’s okay!


  1. Please note the detox is grain free. If you feel you need to add grains, please add low glycemic gluten free grains such as brown rice, quinoa, amaranth and millet.


  1. This program is plant based for maximum results over your 7day period abstaining from animal proteins is a must to allow your liver to detox.



A detox is simply a way of cleansing the blood and liver so the toxins inside your body are removed and your clean blood brings more oxygen to your organs. The cleaner your blood, the healthier your whole circulation system. The body also needs to eliminate toxins from the liver, intestines, skin, kidneys, and lungs. Removing the toxins is the first step to reaching maximum health.

I look forward to supporting you in this divine journey and remember to take a deep breath and know this journey is to release what does not serve you.


Unfortunately ‘feeling like crap’ is a common side effect in the first 24-48 hours of your cleanse. Sorry. This is because all of a sudden your body is working super hard to eliminate the toxic ‘crap’ from your body which is hard work on your elimination channels and detoxification organs and it also takes quite a bit of extra energy which is why through your Babe cleanse we recommend you take it easy. Rest more. Plan less. Use your sick days if you have them and schedule some extra TLC. Expect to be working out less or at the very least with less intensity and switch the more ‘hard core’ activities of your week for low key, restorative things, like swapping that Spin class for a massage.


Trying to Detox while Adrenally Exhausted


Detoxing isn’t for everyone and it’s not always the right time to detox, first you gotta check in with your adrenal glands. If you havn’t read Chapter 5 of Balanced Babes, Every woman’s guide to hormone harmony, go and do it now!


If you are adrenally depleted and you start to cleanse you may experience:


  • A weakened immune system
  • Low stomach acid
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Waking up multiple times during the night or inability to stay asleep
  • Constant sugar cravings
  • Bags under the eyes


If you identify with any of these I’d recommend you support your Babe cleanse with the Balanced Babes Adrenal Armour Support Package.


If you are unsure about how your body is responding, please jump over to the Balanced Babes Support group and reach our for help


Some people like to dive in cold turkey on their 7day babe cleanse, others like to ease into it to reduce the ‘shock’ on your daily routine. Here’s a few things that are great to start experimenting with in the lead up to the


  • Start to remove caffeine from your life – coffee, coco-cola & soft drinks including zero/diet drinks.
  • Remove processed foods and review the DO NOT EAT LIST in preparation for your beautiful journey and detoxing your body on a deeper level.
  • Buy your suggested Supplements to maximize your Cleanse. See the Guide below.
  • Buy a mason jar or collect a glass jar or BPA-free containers for soups and salads. I have made the meals easy for anyone to make, even if you are super busy.
  • Detox your home. Read labels for makeup, hair products, and cleaning products. Go toxic-free as much as possible to allow your liver to detox.
  • Buy organic when possible. Check out your local farmers’ markets, your supermarket or join a co-op. Even in the supermarket you can buy frozen fruits for smoothies and frozen organic vegetables for soups.
  • Organize your Enema kit, dry skin brush & yoni steaming kit.
  • Buy Epsom salts for your detox bathes.


  • 3-4 liters of filtered water every day. The following ‘flavour enhancers’ can be added to your daily water. Cranberry concentrate with mint leaves, lemon, lime, or chlorophyll. Add 1 tablespoon of chlorophyll per 600ml of water.
  • Stick to the principles of the Eating plan. For ease the Meal plan can be followed strictly, but feel free to mix around the meals or repeat any you particularly enjoy.
  • Refer to your daily protocol for your physical and emotional detox tools.
  • Remember the Top 5 ‘Avoid’ foods for your cleanse: Alcohol, Coffee, Refined Sugar, Gluten & Animal products.
  • Make sure to snack if you feel hungry. Snacks can be found in the Recipe Guide or you can have fruit, a nut-free trail mix, nut butter on flax chips, or buy or make your own kale chips.
  • Rest more than normal.
  • Celebrate the beautiful gift you are giving your body.




  • Non-dairy milk: almond, coconut, oat, hazelnut, macadamia, hemp, rice and sunflower
  • All fruits and vegetables
  • Healthy fats: coconut oil, flaxseed oil, almond oil, hemp oil sesame oil and olive oil
  • Seeds: pumpkin, sunflower, sesame (black and white), pine nuts, hemp, chia and linseeds
  • Drinks: organic coffee substitutes (such as chicory or root blends, like Mountain Rose Herbs Herbal Coffee, Dandy Blend, yerba mate, green tea, or herbal tea), filtered or distilled water, mineral water, coconut water, lemon water elixir, fresh green juices, and smoothies
  • Sweeteners: honey, raw honey, natural maple syrup and stevia
  • Detox tea suggestions: BeautifulME, Dandelion Root Tea, Peppermint, Nettle Tea, Chaga Tea, Rooibos. All herbal teas are acceptable
  • Cultured foods and drinks: coconut water kefir, Kombucha (if no candida or dysbiosis present), fermented vegetables (homemade or store-bought)




  • Dairy products (including lactose and casein free products)
  • Wheat (and other gluten-containing foods)
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Whey based protein powders
  • Whey protein bars
  • Eggs
  • Peanuts
  • Fish, Shellfish & Seafood
  • Refined Sugar
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Black tea
  • Alcohol
  • Soy
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Yeast


Returning you to your natural state of vitality that is your birth right!


Here’s the overview of the 7 broad topics you will be addressing on your 7day cleanse! The idea is to tackle as much as these as humanly possible based on what is doable for your lifestyle. The more of these practices and the more often you commit to them, the more deeply you will cleanse your liver. Some of these activity can and should be completed daily, some just 2-3 times per week, have a thorough read over the protocol before you dive in so that you can plan you week and incorporate as man activities as often as possible for the best results.

C – Colon Cleansing & Clarity

L – Liver Love & Life Force

E – Enemas & Emotional Release

A – Adrenals & Awareness

N – Nutrition & Natural Skin Care

S – Steam & Self-Love

E  – Exercise & Energy



The first element of your 7 Day Babe Cleanse is a Colon Cleanse which helps to improve mental and emotional clarity as we eliminate the toxic colon congestion which causes things like brain fog, poor concentration and an overgrowth of dysbiotic flora.

Juice fasting floods the body with living nutrients which, reducing inflammation in the body, providing the necessary nutrition to support liver detoxification, boosts energy and vitality as well as increasing antioxidants supply for healthy aging, skin repair and wrinkle defence. When we consume nothing but juice in conjunction with a colon cleanse product like CleanseME we are able to soften the hardened mucoid plaque which forms in our colon preventing adequate nutrient absorption and creating the perfect breeding environment for parasites and dysbiotic (bad) bacteria which leads to brain fog, sluggish digestion, skin break outs and imbalanced hormones.

We recommend juice fasting for a minimum of 24 hours, day 1 of your cleanse, but if you feel up to it, extending your cleanse for longer is very safe and will only deepen your results if this is something you would like to experiment with.

For more detailed instructions on your Colon Cleansing if you would like to extend your juice fast for longer than 24 hours I do recommend you check out the Balanced Babes Colon Cleanse Program, which you can register for free here.

 Daily Instructions for mastering Clarity

For the entire day, 24hour period consume nothing but:

  • Cold pressed Juice
  • 4 litres of filtered water
  • Herbal Tea


Clarity Exercise

What in your life would you like to gain more clarity around? A health issue, relationship trigger, money block etc

Set yourself an intention to gain clarity around this pressing issue and trust the awareness and answers will be revealed to you through the 7 day process.

How do you want to feel upon completion of the 7 days – physically & emotionally?

Set yourself some clear goals to create

Daily Clarity Journaling

The most powerful way to support your clarity exploration is to journal each day, cleansing is a powerful way to not only detox physically but also emotionally, so don’t be surprised or discouraged if you experience some uncomfortable emotions popping up through your 7 day cleanse, these are simply revealing themselves in the opening up process which occurs with cleansing and are now ready to be addressed and healed so they can be detoxed from you life forever.


A really supportive way to enhance this process is to listen to the Balanced Babes Hormone Healing Meditation which you can download for free here.

We recommend you perform this gentle meditation and journaling each day of your 7 day Babe Cleanse for maximum results.


What is your Life Force and why is it important?

Loving your liver and keeping it clean and healthy is vital for long term health and longevity, we cannot maintain healthy balanced hormones when our liver is overworked and we cannot maintain a healthy weight when our major fat burning organ is stressed.

Liver Loving Activities for this stage of the cleanse

Lemon Water

Squeeze the juice of 1 whole lemon into a 500-1000ml of luke warm water and drink within the first hour of waking. This will help your body to flush through impurities and start the morning with more vitality.

Liver cleanse juice

Aim to drink this 1-2 times daily to assist with flushing out your liver


2 stalks celery

Big handful of spinach

2 medium carrots

1 small beetroot

1 inch ginger root

1 small lemon (peel and all)

1 medium apple

2 medium cucumbers

cinnamon optional

Using your cold pressed juicer combine all the ingredients. Can be served with ice or drunk as is.


Castor oil packing

This is a process which can be easily and effectively done in your own home which is a gentle detoxification process which softens hardened, stagnant waste that

What is Castor Oil Packing

A castor oil pack involves the use of cloth soaked in castor oil which is placed on the skin. It’s used to enhance circulation and to promote the healing of the tissues and organs underneath the skin. Alternative practitioners also use it to improve liver function, relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and to improve digestion.

Who would benefit from Castor Oil Packing?

Those who suffer from any of the following:

  • Constipation
  • Painful heavy periods
  • Dark or brown menstrual blood through their period
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids
  • Cysts
  • Scar tissue within the reproductive organs
  • Infertility

For Best Results here’s what you need

  • Three layers of undyed wool, hemp or cotton flannel large enough to cover your abdomen and womb region (keep in mind this method is used on other parts of the body too if necessary)
  • Castor oil
  • Reusable medical grade silicone sheet. I like this one: Silicon Mat
  • Hot water bottle
  • Glass container with a lid (for soaking your cloths)
  • Old clothes and towel. Castor oil will stain clothing and bedding and furniture.

OPTIONAL But highly Recommended

  • Doterra: Clary Calm Roller Essential oils

Performing your Packing

  1. Apply the Clary Calm Essential oil blend to your lower abdomen and any other areas you experience period pain (if you have this blend) Clary sage is fine on its own if that’s all you have.
  2. Place the material/cloth in the container. Soak it in castor oil so that it is saturated, but not dripping.
  3. Place the oil-soaked cloth (the pack) over the lower abdomen or affected body part.
  4. Cover with your silicone mat or plastic Glad wrap can be used but not ideal.
  5. Place the hot water bottle over the pack. Leave it on for 45-60 minutes. Rest while the pack is in place.

After removing the pack, cleanse the area with a dilute solution of water and baking soda or simply have a shower.

Store the pack in the covered container in the refrigerator. Each pack may be reused up to 25-30 times.

Extra Tips

  • If you suffer from extreme period pain or have Endometriosis, fibroids or cysts, combine this treatment with the Balanced Babes Infrared Healing device which will enhance the healing effects and dramatically improve circulation, pain relief and break down of scar tissue.
  • Use this time to go within, meditate and journal, connecting with your womb and listening to what your body needs.
  • Listen to the Bonus Hormone Healing meditation that you can find from the online portal

Cautions to keep in mind

  • Castor oil does stain so ensure you are performing the packing laying on an old towel or sheet
  • Do not perform castor oil packing while Pregnant, breastfeeding, or during menstruation.
  • Castor oil should not be taken internally.
  • It should not be applied to broken skin.

Castor oil hasn’t been tested for safety and keep in mind that the safety of supplements in pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, and those with medical conditions or who are taking medications has not been established.



This is the Balanced Babes Signature liver tonic which thoroughly flushes and regenerates sluggish liver cells in order to help your liver to eliminate more toxins and filter your body more effectively while you are under taking your cleanse process. Taking this herbal tonic is an amazing way to enhance the cleanse effects and make the most of your detox.


Why on earth would you do an enema?!?

Well believe it or not, there is method to this madness and it involves the quick, safe and painless evacuation of toxins from your bowel, colon and liver. Elevated toxicity within the body is one of the major causes of disease and dramatically contributes to hormone imbalance and disease of the reproductive tract, namely because our bowel and colon sit flush against our reproductive organs which creates a local inflammatory response due to the proximity of the toxins. Enemas are an effective way to keep this toxicity and congestion through the colon to a minimum and is a fantastic ongoing process to help maintain your weight, keep your skin clear and hormones balanced.

Benefits of Enemas

  • Will improve weight loss
  • Will keep your colon clean and your body less toxic
  • Reduces the burden on your liver
  • Supports healthy bowel microbiome
  • Important for eliminating and metabolizing oestrogen dominance
  • Protects your body from xeno-oestrogens
  • Improves bloating and flatulence
  • Supports your digestion in general
  • Promotes healthy aging through the increased production of glutathione in the liver (coffee enemas)
  • Boosts your vitality
  • Supports energy levels
  • Supports safe long-term detoxification
  • Helps treat hormonal acne
  • Will assist with pain management
  • Can assist with fertility
  • Improves brain fog and memory and concentration

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the thought of enemas, that’s ok, it’s certainly a different concept and I get it, it’s weird, but so is trying anything new and once you’ve done it a couple of times you’ll realize just how easy and non-scary they are! Plus you’ll feel lighter and refreshed and actually start to look forward to these as a consistent part of your daily routine!

What type of Enema should you do?

If this is a completely new concept to you, you may like to start with something gentle like a plain water flush.

After you have been to the toilet with your normal bowel motion, you can use an enema kit to administer some lukewarm (body temperature, no more than 35-degree Celsius) filtered water, 300-800ml and then simply hop on the toilet and release. You will be surprised just how much extra ‘waste’ leaves your body despite the fact you have just emptied your bowels, which goes to show just how much waste and toxicity is lurking around in our colon and bowels which is being reabsorbed back into the blood stress through the permeable wall of the colon. If you struggle with sluggish bowels and only typically move your bowels once a day or even have a history of skipping movements, getting into the habit of performing a quick water enema after your normal bowel motion once daily is going to make huge improvements to your general wellbeing, mood, skin and energy levels. Just remember, if you use the water enema to bring on a bowel motion, everyday consistently, without having a natural bowel movement, the muscle in your digestive tract which regulate peristalsis will become lazy and you can end up with constipation. So also ensure you go organically first and if this is an issue check out the Balanced Babes Bowel Retrain protocol here.

If you would like to try a deeper cleanse, which will initiate more of a flush from the liver, Coffee Enemas are a great detoxification agent to assist you on the Babe cleanse.

Coffee has a profound effect on the liver, by stimulating the opening of the bile ducts allowing more toxins to eliminate from the liver and gall bladder.

The same principle applies, have a natural bowel movement first, then perform a water enema flush to clear any remaining waste from your bowel and colon and then administer a coffee enema.

This involves heating 1 tablespoon of organic, ground coffee in a saucepan for 5-10 minutes, simmering. Then draining the water and placing it in your enema kit. Keep the safe temperature in mind, add cold water or ice cubes to get it to a comfortable temperature that your body will not reject.

When doing a coffee enema, the idea is to hold the therapeutic solution in your bowel for 10-12 minutes or until you naturally get the contraction and sensation to release it. In the beginning you may only have the ability to hold this for a few minutes but as your bowel gets used to it, eventually you will be able to hold these for the 10-12 minutes. It is not recommended to hold these for any longer than 12 minutes as at this point you can start to reabsorb the toxins that the liver is releasing.

Please check out this page of informative instructional videos and info on how to best perform Enemas 


Emotional Release Practice

Today you will be releasing stored anger which quite often energetically resides in your liver, causing sluggishness and excessive heat. This affects the livers ability to effectively filter and detoxify your body and can lead to more anger, irritability and emotional outburst which quite often feel out of your control.

Listen to this 30minute audio in a quiet place you won’t be distracted and partake in the guided meditation process in order to shift stored anger out of your physical body in order to cleanse and release extra toxicity from your cells.


Download the Audio file here


Addressing your adrenals to assist with the cleanse.

This involves having a nice relaxing warm bath with 1-2 cups of Epson salts or magnesium flakes. Magnesium is beautiful restorative mineral which will re-energize your adrenals and keep them healthy for the duration of the 7day babe cleanse process. When we are eliminating toxins we often also lose minerals in the normal process of converting toxic metabolites into safer water soluble molecules which can be easily eliminated through our skin, sweat, breath, urine and faeces.

If you have some essential oils such as lavender and frankincense you may like to add these to your bath also.

If you do not have a bath, simply get a large container or bucket which you can fit your fit in and soak in the same magnesium solution.



Self-awareness is powerful skill which allows us to make better more healthful choices when it comes to our diet and lifestyle if we are aware of how the things we are putting in our bodies, on our bodies, the thoughts we are having or the simple day to day practices we perform are affecting our health.

Without awareness it is very difficult to know what things heal our body and what things harm our body.

While you are soaking in your bath or sitting relaxing with your feet in your Epson salt bucket, grab your journal and start to reflect on the previous days of this cleanse.

Reflect on the feelings and sensations you have felt or experienced, the thoughts you have felt or the emotions that you have noticed come up. Take note of any stories you have been running or the resistance and self-sabotaging thoughts which have popped into your head. These are all normal parts of the process when we push ourselves out of our comfort zone and start experimenting with new things.

You may even like to also perform the Balanced Babes meditation to deepen your connection with your body and receive more awareness about what is actually going on for you through this cleanse. With awareness we can get a better understanding of the things our body needs to heal and the things which harm that we can start to eliminate from our life.



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