The 7 Step Hormone Healing System, designed to address the key reasons why your hormones got out of balance in the first place, allowing your body to regain cycle harmony, restore adrenal health, boost energy levels, support emotional well being and reclaim your mojo to feel balanced once again!


Reclaim your personal power and find your true purpose by connecting with your divine feminine wisdom and strengthening your intuition. Master the emotional and spiritual elements of your health and wellbeing by learning the tools to understanding your body and taking control of your journey!


6 weeks of high intensity – learning, implementing and transforming! Balance your hormones, lose weight and learn how your body works. Online Webinars, training videos, weekly action steps, eating plan & loads more!


6 Week Private Coaching weight loss program to support your through the emotional and physical roadblocks of weight loss. Eliminate stress eating, food addictions and patterns of self-sabotage while losing the weight and keeping it off for life by transforming into your ‘limitless’ potential

ENDometriosis™ is a one on one private health coaching program designed to drastically and quickly reduce the debilitating symptoms of Endometriosis by holistically addressing the causes of Endo you have not explored with your Doctor and specialist.


Lose weight by changing your mindset around dieting & weight loss. This self-facilitated program utilizing the wonder of The Emotional Freedom Technique to tap away limiting beliefs to unblock the reasons why you have not been able to successfully lose your weight or maintain weight loss.

‘PMS’ Pre-menstrual Syndrome
As defined by

The woman's "time of the month" when her uterus sheds its lining because her monthly egg isn't fertilised and dies. This is the worst time to be around a woman, because she becomes an irrational psychobitch which froths at the mouth with rage and seeks to destroy anything which stands in her way. I'd rather be in Hell than to be around a woman with PMS.

‘PMS’ Pre-menstrual Syndrome
As defined by Stacey Foat, Hormone Specialist

“A beautiful stage of a womans cycle by which her intuition is high and her emotional guidance system speaks to the woman to help steer her onto her right path. Although commonly experienced as a difficult time for many women, PMS is not a negative spell and one should not experience discomfort or irrational mood swings, when a woman finds balance, this is when she is most powerful and ready to change the world”

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