Colon Cleanse

Colon Cleanse Program

Beauty from the inside out

Naturopathically formulated plant based cleanse

Are you ready to:

Eliminate harmful toxins
Lose Weight
Clear up your skin
Increase your energy levels
Balance your Hormones

3 Day Colon Cleanse Program

Why Cleanse the Colon?

Colon Cleansing Myths

Mastering Your Mindset For Cleansing

Mucoid Plaque – What you’ll be eliminating – WARNING GRAPHIC

What to expect…

3 Days of Power – Juice Fasting

Beyond The Cleanse

Ready To Get Started……

If you would like to maximise your 3 Day Juice Fast I recommend the following Options…

PLEASE NOTE: Juice fasting without the use of a supportive Colon Cleanse product is not only a wasted opportunity to burn fat and remove mucoid plaque from your body but can also be dangerous.

See below for more specific information on the recommended products including instructions for use and ingredients or join the FREE Balanced Babes Support group to ask questions.

Basic 3 Day Cleanse:

CleanseME – Colon Cleanse Powder $59

Colon Cleanse + Probiotic $110

Colon Cleanse Powder + Probiotic + Liver Detox Support $145

SAVE $15 +Free Post

Colon Cleanse + Probiotic + Liver Detox Support + Parasite Defense $185

SAVE $20 + Free Post

Colon Cleanse + Probiotic + Liver Detox Support + Parasite Defence + Weight loss Tea + Enema Kit $225

SAVE $30

Colon Cleanse Companion Products

***Please note HealME has been renamed to CleanseME. This is the SAME product. Also note, this product contains the herb, oat straw, which should technically be avoided if you have coeliac disease. For those who follow Gluten free diets, this herb is safe to take as technically contains no gluten but should be avoided if coeliac.


Enemas & Cleansing

For extra support on your cleanse program, please join the Facebook support Group – Balanced Babes here:

Not Ready for the 3 Day Colon Cleanse & Juice Fast….

That’s ok we’ve got you covered

Slow & Steady 14 Day Cleanse – Option B

Although you won’t see the rapid elimination of ‘Mucoid Plaque’ and weight loss in a short amount of days, our option B is for those who arn’t quite ready to attempt a juice fast and would prefer to follow along with the 14 day Cleanse Eating plan and perform there cleanse over a longer period of time.

Book a FREE Hormone Assessment with Stacey

If after reading all this content and you are still feeling a little overwhelmed and not sure whether or not this is the best program for you to get started on because you have a complex ‘hormone health history’. You are invited to book a free 30 minute hormone assessment with Stacey