Eradicating Infections

For chronic infection treatment, it is very important to follow the 6 crucial steps as enumerated below. Start with our colon cleanse protocol that will cleanse the bowels and naturally promote peristaltic movement. Our juice fast protocol will help restore balance within and energize you. And our gut healing supplements will help you maintain colon health.

There are 6 Step to successfully eradicating resistant (chronic) infections from your system and ensuring they stay away for the long term.

Underlying chronic infections:

  • Prevent your body from supporting a healthy thriving gut microbiome with beneficial bacteria
  • Keep our bodies stuck in ‘Adrenal Activation’
  • Puts a continuous strain on our liver
  • Prevents your body from being able to maintain healthy hormone balance
  • Irritates our digestive system and ability to digest and absorb nutrients effectively
  • Drains our vitality & Energy
  • Interferes with healthy cell signalling and mental/emotional health
  • Increases the toxic load on our cells
  • Increases systemic infections
  • Weakens our immune defenses


  • Cleanse the Colon
  • Anti-Microbial Treatment
  • Biofilm Breakdown
  • Support the Liver
  • Heal the Gut
  • Restore the Gut Microbiome
How to treat chronic infections of the GIT

This includes a 3 Day Juice Fast & Colon Cleanse protocol in order to remove the safe environment the infection is residing within your digestive system.  The average person has 2kg of undigested, toxic, mucoid plaque in their colon which provides a hospitable environment for bad bacteria, parasites and other infections to thrive. This in turn makes it impossible to support a healthy micro-biome of beneficial bacteria which weakens our immune response and ability to eradicate chronic infections.

You will need: 

Balanced Babes: CleanseME, 375g Colon Cleanse powder

A Cold Pressed Juicer or access to freshly squeezed juice – 2 litres per day

Balanced Babes Enema Kit

4-5 litres of filtered drinking water daily

For the full daily protocol, instuctional video’s, recipes and recommended supportive practices and products please refer to the Balanced Babes Colon Cleanse Protocol at

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