Emma Darragh

I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 14 and placed on the pill. At the time I was super skinny, yet to reach puberty and I was told by my doctor and gynaecologist that I may not be able to have children, something which still terrified me until discovering this program. With the info I learned in the Balance Me program, I now realise the pill made me crazy and robbed me of a normal happy teenage life. I developed an eating disorder at 15, where I would compulsively eat then purge and compulsively over exercise because I had so much self-loathing over my body which changed so rapidly when I started the pill and all the mixed up imbalanced hormones circulating around my system. I was stuck in the cycle of trying to gain control of myself, of my body and of my life, without any answers, it was an overwhelming, distressing period, never feeling in control of my thoughts or body. I was constantly told my moods were just part of ‘puberty’ and I was eventually diagnosed with depression at age 16 and offered yet another drug to fix that, which didn’t work.

I desperately wanted to go off the pill because I intuitively knew it wasn’t good for me or my moods and emotional wellbeing, but I was always told by my doctor this was a bad idea as there was ‘No Cure’ for PCOS and the Pill was my only option.

Since doing the program and not only feeling so much better physically due to the fact my hormones are now in balance, I feel like I have found closure to so much deep seeded emotional torment from all those years of not understanding my body and how my hormones were controlling my life and the devastating feeling of being powerless due to not knowing how to help my body or who to turn to for answers.

My weight is now under control, my skin is clear, my diet feels easy and my last scan showed no cystic ovaries.

The information in this program is invaluable, if you want to take back your life and understand how your hormones affect your physical and emotional health, then I highly recommend this program.


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