Jessica Simpson

Words can not express how unbelievably grateful I am to Stacey, without her and her wonderful advice my family would not have been blessed with our beautiful Luka. After a year of trying to fall pregnant with our second child and having no success I sought the help of Stacey.

I knew I was capable of falling pregnant as my body had been there and done that already but for some reason something wasn’t quite right the second time round. Stacey was amazing. After detoxing my body and overhauling my lifestyle I was pregnant within two months. The whole time Stacey was a fountain of knowledge and an amazing support. She was always just an email or phone call away and always more than happy to answer any question I had.

I really expected to come away with a vitamin or two and then just hope for the best but Stacey handed me all the tools I needed to get my body back on the baby making track. The information and guidance she gave me made all the lifestyle changes easy to do and more importantly easy to stick to. I have never felt as healthy and happy as I did after the detox program. She even gave me advice and tips during my pregnancy and after as well. Stacey has changed my life and my family’s lives forever. I have recommended her to every person that will listen. We are healthier, happier and blessed to say we are now a family of four. From the very bottom of my heart thank you Stacey you truly are amazing at what you do.”

I am writing this from my couch where I breast feed my beautiful, healthy, 4 week old baby boy – Arlo. Without the care and assistance from Stacey Foat and her pregnancy preparation program for the good part of last year this would not be my current situation.

I met with Stacey in March of last year after suffering a miscarriage, completely unaware of where and what my body was going through Stacey’s program helped me eliminate my deficiencies contributing to the loss and work to get back on track and ready to conceive again.

After 3 months of following the program we conceived and the pregnancy held and we welcomed Arlo in early May of this year. I followed the program through the duration of the pregnancy and am also seeking further consultation for some post natal care.

I could not recommend this program high enough and the care given by Stacey herself has been exceptional. This program should be available and easily accessible by all women in Queensland, it is an empowering source of knowledge to understand what your body is going through in such a massive stage in your life and I believe that is exactly what this program offers.

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